Suggested Athena combinations?

I got some two Athen’s for the price of two Kapkans a few weeks back.

What suggestions for cabins/modules for hover build?
Same with wheeled build.

I haven’t played many energy weapons other than pulsars.

um… energy cabin :crazy_face:
question is …what CO Driver you gonna use?..
Grizzly so you don’t get wrecked fast?

I am open to any advice.
I can say for sure I won’t use Huntsman. :laughing:
So Im thinking purple or legendary cabin combinations to limit it down.

yeah maybe grizzly for codriver

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This thing is a beast at 9k. Damage potential shown, frame, module, wheel and armor layout shown. Ifyou can outshoot your opponent, it can take on anything near its powerscore. Stillwinds, Nothungs, Arbiters, Waltzes, Fortunes, Reapers/Millers. If youre going for a kill shot, lower your speed to get the pinpoint accuracy and trust your shot. You will outstrip anything you can reach within its 250m range.

I wouldnt recommend making a wheeled build of this much higher in PS, because you will only face tougher and tougher enemies with more mobility without gaining anything except a flywheel and cloak at best. If youre going to go hover, by all means go as high a PS as you can make it, it should do just fine up there. I havent built a top PS hover with these yet, but thats my next project.

Edit: Also, i forced myself to build this as an art build. If you wanted to go full Meta and put the armor all defending the guns, thats an option. But as it is, its an apex predator at 9k while still being stylish. I named it Expedition Escort.

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Yes, it is photon and oma, if you need, add flywheel, stealth, engine or whatever

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They benefit from 5 cabins: Deadman/Hadron/Omnibox give you reloading time (Not sure about hadron since it doesn’t affect revolvers but could work for Athena); Photon/Cataline give you damage, under certain conditions.

Modules… flywheel?

How much does reload actually impact this weapon? I’ve noticed lately that some reload weapons barely benefit from a booster, but mostly the ones that require charging.

Built mine in the event. Cost me 5000 coins each to build.

Sold them the other day for 9499 coins each.

Got to love Xbox :slight_smile:

Flywheel won’t work with them they are revolvers. If he’s good at stripping weapons, I’d suggest going with a shield module. That would give a chance to take a few shots out from standard cover.

maybe i should just do this, it would be a hefty profit.

Im thinking mounting them in a slot armor.

Just in the last week I’ve been encountering people who are very good with this gun.
Seems like every time I lose my guns, it’s one of those things zapping me.

Flywheel works with revolvers… and with Athena, too.

It didn’t use to.

Mine did. Those on exhibition did as well. You can test them on sphere and see the difference.

Hadron doesn’t benefit revolvers.

That doesn’t make any sense. If flywheel works, so should hadron.

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Hi, Hadron and Flywheel only reload revolvers after they are completely empty. They don’t affect the revolver cycling but do affect the general reload.

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Thank you for this representation. It can be seen that paying players have advantages. Athena at 9000 ps great, well, people with muller etc. don’t have much of a chance. I am forwarding your article. Thanks for showing the reality of this game.

  1. Well, yeah, “cycling” and “reloading” are different mechanics. Nothing affects cycling, AFAIK.

  2. Right, it only “distributes X between all weapons except revolvers”. Whatever thought ignoramuses were trying to convey by that is beyond me.

I sold materials I farmed for them. Scrap, Wires and batteries. Zero money out of my wallet.

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The Hadrin does affect it. Read the first part of the text: “Decreases the reload od all weapons by 15%, then stacks blah blah blah.”

Flat 15% reload with 2 athenas by themselves.

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