Suggested Balance Changes (CW Community)


Epic Parts

Blight V1

  • When activated, increase the range of flamethrowers and when dealing damage, the damage increases by 8% per stack per sec over 10sec. Stacks up to 5 times.

Comment: the builds based on “Blight” are too effective at high PS levels (14000). the flamethrowers now needs time to reach their full potential in combat and gives the enemies still some time to react.

Blight V2

  • Now the bonus of the damage is 20% (instead of 40% before).
  • Now the bonus of the range is 40% (instead of 50% before).

Comment: the builds based on “Blight” are too effective at high PS levels (14000). Changes to the perk’s duration and time of dealing increased fire damage should fix it.

Blight V3

  • When activated, for 8 sec. it overcharges the flamethrowers and increases fire damage by 40%, range by 50% and overheatingrate by 50%.

Comment: the builds based on “Blight” are too effective at high PS levels (14000). Now the blight requires more cooler to keep the weapons cooled while the perk is longer active.

Blight V4

  • When activated, for 8 sec. increases fire damage by 35%, range by 45% and ammo consumption by 100%

Comment: the builds based on “Blight” are too effective at high PS levels (14000). These changes will balance the cabin’s effectiveness and require players to bring ammo packs and conserve their ammo.


  • Max Speed reduced to 100 km/h (previously - 105 km/h)

Comment: currently the Cockpit should rely more on its boosters than on its own speed.

Steppe Spider

  • Increase the maximal speed of mechanical legs by 15 km/h (previously 10km/h).

Comment: at the moment, “Bigram” legs are overall more effective in game. This change should help “ML200” legs to stand out from the other alternative.


  • Mode 1: increases maximum cabin speed by 15% and power by 25%. Mode 2: accelerates cooling by 20% and weapon reloading by 20%.

Comment:since “Omnibox” has appeared in the game, new cabins with similar perks have slowly replaced it. The change to the perk should allow it to compete better with other cabins.


  • If the cabin does not receive damage for 10 sec., energy weapon damage increases by 20%.

Comment: the previous version of this perk was quite difficult to use during fast-paced battles in the game.


  • Damage of weapons with limited turn angles increased by 20% (before 15%).

Comment: to stay compelling with other epic cabin options, the damage got adjusted slightly.


  • For every melee weapon attached to the cabin, the built-in melee weapon gets a damage increase of 10%.

Comment: to be able to play a full-on melee brawler the cabin’s weapon just needs more effectiveness.

Hermit ST

  • Increase traction by 20%.
  • Durablity reduced from 310 to 280 pts.
  • Decrease the Speedrequirements for the perk to 60km/h and max resistance to 80 km/h (previously - 70 km/h to 90 km/h).

Comment: Hermits got forgotten with the speedchange of cabins and its now pretty hard to get the full extend of the perk. Also its low traction makes its too slippery if any weight got lost.

Executioner 88mm

  • Durability increased from 495 to 520 pts.
  • Armor piercing increased to 3 pins (before 2 pins).

Comment: to bring the loved 88mm Canon back in line with its special counterpart it got a health bump and now also more Armor penetration to execute its enemies in its path.


  • Mass increased from 713 to 770 kg
  • Bonus to projectile explosion radius from the perk decreased to 120% (before 150%).
  • Bonus to blast damage from the weapon’s perk increased to 110% (before 100%).

Comment: since we buffed “Yokai” in the last update, it showed excessive effectivity across all powerscores. To emphasize using the Perk as precise as possible, we made indirect shots harder to hit, but more rewarding.


  • Durablity of projectiles increased from 20 to 55 pts.
  • Projectile speed decreased by 20%.

Comment: this weapon’s projectiles were too easily destroyed by tesla emitters, now it should not get destroyed in a single hit, but still be possible to destroy if played correctly.


  • Projectile speed increased by 10%.

Comment: we have taken your feedback into account concerning the projectile speed, it should now be more effective at longer ranges.


  • Mass reduced from 216 to 173 Kg.
  • Projectile life time increased from 7 to 20 sec.
  • Projectile speed increased by 20%.

Comment: this weapon was not very popular among players due to its low effectivity. Now it should allow more tactical gameplay.

R-37-39 Adapter

  • Durability increased from 154 to 250 pts.
  • If all projectiles from the burst hit the target, the next burst heats up.
  • Mass increased from 240 to 280 Kg.

Comment: to stay attractive to other players the weapon receives a full overhaul with its perk and to reward precise players. This change should also slightly increase the survivability of the pulse rifle weapon in combat

Legendary Parts


  • Max Power reduced by 10%.

Comment: in comparison to other cabins the Beholder got a nearly insane Power spike and got adjusted slightly.


  • Doesnt stack anymore 1:1 with Averter.
  • Drone range increased by 20%.

Comment: currently especially on big builds supportive range of the drone is too narrow. Also the perk have been adjusted to not stack with the averter in a 1 to 1 ratio anymore.


  • Power increased by 20%.

Comment: the Master cabin feels currently too slow in comparison with other legendary cabins and that was not intended.


  • Reduce Perk duration from 3 to 2 sec.

Comment: the nova shield uptime has been adjusted by 33% to avoid leaving too many enemies helpless while the shield is active.

Spark III

  • When dealing damage reduces enemys weapon turn speed by 5% and stacks up to 8 times.
  • Damage increased by 10%

Comment: the Spark III counters too many gadgets and weapons on the field and needs the rework without loosing its power on the field.


  • Every 100m passed by the car gives one charge that spent when shooting and guaranteed to disable the enemys weapon for 0.5 sec. Stacks up to 1 times.

Comment: To bring the Hammerfall back into combats with its low durablity it perk got reworked to be more on the sabotage side of things.


  • Durablity increased from 225 to 256 pts.

Comment: this change should slightly increase the survivability of the energy weapon in combat.


  • For every 50 m, passed by the projectile, its explosion radius increases by 0.20 m.

Comment: to compensate the rare occasion of long distance combats the requirements of the perk has been reduced.


  • Projectile speed increased by 15%.

Comment: the speed increase of the projectiles should result of more use of that weapon in higher PS combats.

M-39 Imp

  • Damage reduced by 10%.
  • Spread reduced by 10%.

Comment: To compete against other machine guns its spread got reduced while its insane damage got a little bit reduced.

Relic Parts


  • Reloading time increased by 10%.

Comment: To turn down the Scorpion a little bit its reloading time needed to be adjusted slightly.


  • Damage increased by 10%
  • Now Disks get stuck in environmental objects for 25 seconds (instead of 5)
  • Changed the Disks’ hitbox stuck in environmental objects.

Comment: it was not very useful to aim for environmental objects to hit enemies this way. Now they have a sharper angle, making it harder to drive over them without losing speed, but also making it easier to deal damage.


  • Damage reduced by 20%.
  • Perk damage increased to 150% for 8 sec. (previously 100% for 6 sec.)

Comment: The perk of the punisher is now a more keyrole instead of a added damage bonus to be able to pull off the same stripping ability. The Damage while having the perk stays the same with 2 seconds longer duration.

Flash I

  • When dealing damage reduces the enemys weapon turn speed and reload speed by 4% and stacks up to 12 times.
  • Damage reduced by 5%.

Comment: The Flash I counters too many gadgets and weapons on the field and needs the rework without loosing its power on the field.


  • Mass reduced from 720 to 540 Kg.
  • Max. Ammo reduced from 16 to 10 pcs.

Comment: with that weight change players should be able to build and craft more armoured vehicles despite the fact that require players to bring more ammo packs or conserve their ammo more.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing players to temporarily be stuck in the scope with random zoom levels.
  • Fixed a bug that causes the Assembler to get stuck on charging instead of shooting.
  • Fixed a bug where the weight calculation of the car was wrong and resulted in low turn speed in directions where weight was missing.
  • Fixed a bug where the weight calculation resulted in loosing too much traction even though the car balance was the same.
  • Improved the minimap scale for “Clean Island”. Now it should correctly display player positions.
  • Fixed hardware issues with the server 88 EU that resulted in high packet loss and low server sided FPS.

yeah, EU server 88’s given me problems 100% of the matches I played on it. Server 87 also gives some problems, but at least less than 88

I like the helios changes, as well as the Adapter rework and enlightenment buff. Yongwang projectiles should instead take more damage from energy weapons, rather than a general HP up. Executioner need that extra pin of pen now that they’ve buffed the prosecutor. Also positive about the cerberus buff, though maybe it could use a system like cockpit, where lower rarity melee increases its damage less than higher rarity

you know it already does not stack 1:1 to averter already due to how damage resistacne is calculated?

averter + cohort only gives 40% resistance

Cohort, Averter and Ermak stacks 1:1 (Bastion, Dmg resistance fusions doenst), but of course that doesnt mean its possible to receive only 10%, but its possible to receive half of it. But Bastion and all the resistance fusions work differently and thats my point. (Thats why durability is always better and more than resistance on fusions)

How its calculated:

I really really like your idea, seems like a fine addition to the cabin (constructive feedback is the best feedback):


  • For each mounted melee weapon, increase the built-in melee weapon damage: rare - 10%, special - 15%, epic - 20%, legendary 25%.
    Maximum bonus is 50%

Comment: to be able to play a full-on melee brawler the cabin’s weapon just needs more effectiveness.