Suggested change for ML-200

Currently they collect dust. I recommend 2 changes:

  1. add 5 to speed to match bigram walk speed

  2. reduce power consumption to 5%

Bigrams have wheel mode to currently give them a huge advantage. They also sit higher than MLs. These changes would equalize walk speed but give MLs an advantage with acceleration.


Sounds fair to me!

I say it needs more than 5 kph speed bump before I consider going back to the ml200, i say more like a 15kph speed bump is needed and even then i probably won’t even make the switch from bigrams because even at that speed you will be lagging behind the rest of the team. They are more durable but also way heavier so you got less health on your cab. It sucks too cause i fused 8 ml 200s right before return of the founders came around and that was over 3 years ago and devs still ain’t balanced ml200, they are exactly the way they were since back then. If they rebalances it now well then I say it is a little bit too late. I got no hope for this game.

Yes please.
I have a few suggestions of my own:

  1. Increase tonnage. This allows cabins to carry more weight without adding more movement parts.

  2. Speed up aiming time.

I’d argue 10 speed, 20% more health, and fire resist.


Bigrams already speed up aiming time.

I know, its weird that Bigrams get a nice perk but ML-200 doesn’t.

Not what I’m saying.

big rams have lower ps and overall better stats and functionality
my sugestion: make them go 55kph + only 15% power reduction + 3300 tonnage, remove the perk as it is useless, make them 200ps and give 50% fire resistance instead of 25% blast
(ps: pls make icarus VII great again, 90kph pls)

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MLs are getting big changes soon it seems

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