Suggestion: Buff Contact module

Fusion builds are a rare sight and i think one thing that could help is buffing its damage resistance when connected. I propose 75% damage resistance, but only when connected to another Contaxt module. This would not affect solo players using it as lightweight armor, but would greatly increase its survivability for fusion builds. Anyone see any downside here?

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I think another solution would be to make it easier for them to connect to each other. Maybe they could have a magnetic attraction and pull the builds into alignment from a short distance.

It does already, it’s just not working very well lol.

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Well, i dont see any downside of this if its just for connected ones.

Fusion build is usually weak against area/etc weapons anyway, so why would it also be weak on Contact module.

If its working liek that already, but something is broken, i guess there is only report as BUG to be done.

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I am ok with low representation of contact builds.

They do not need a buff.

Bad fusions do bad because they are bad.

Good fusion players will wipe the map easily.

Great fusion players result in half the enemy team scoring under 40 points.

There are penalties for a reason, they do not need buffed.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actually GOOD one. I don’t doubt they’re out there, I just think they must be very rare.

I’d love to see one on action.

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They’re as rare as common sense is nowadays!
Better luck finding a four-leaf clover in a desert!

oh what’s the big deal, they give ‘1000 durability’ to a coupling module ? :crazy_face:

‘Durability is 90 or less if not connected’ 'your welcome Devs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

it’s not going to ruin your game…‘you be like’…‘oh the contact module has too much durability’ :rofl:

Buff it devs…let’s keep players together !


The brief period when I was making some fusion builds, the module itself was the weakest part. Had to put so much armour around where we connect, which then made connecting in the first place more tricky.

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When we did it, one guy drove and layed mines. the other ran skinner+hammerfalls. We did a drop in style build with the explosive one. No contact M.

I see a couple of them on Xbox. Usually a squad of 4, 2 in a fused build and two “hornets”. I’ve seen them clear the field with cyclones, Verhuns, chords, etc etc etc.

The other is always some kind of skinner combo, though not usually with mines.