Suggestion: Expand the roster for repeatable missions when someone completes the story mode

A very small change that would improve Adventure mod tremendously.

Currently, the daily random Adventure Mode mission that is available once someone completed all of them picks from a very limited roster. Worse yet, the roster seems to be weighted towards the crappiest missions from even that small roster, while more enjoyable ones very rarely appear. By putting all missions in the roster, including Vicky’s secondary story line, and by either getting rid of the weighting or adjusting it to discriminate against the boring and arduous escort missions instead of favoring them, the quality of Adventure Mode would be improved by a great deal. This should require minimal effort on the developer’s part.

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But won’t yield them monies. Sooooo… here we are.

I don’t even find them that much more difficult when redoing them.

If this is the motivation, they are short-sighted to the extreme. If the game is better, people play and pay more. Given that this particular improvement would probably only take adding a few lines in a TXT file, there is really no reason not to do it.

It’s not like developers don’t want to do that. It’s more like their owner don’t want to pay them for that and/or don’t want them to make any non-approved changes in the game. Maybe. This is just a guess.

They could do so much more with the mode though even do seasonal mission sets. It’s sad to see that mode go to waste as it is right now.