Suggestion for experienced players to help new players


I suggest to add some parts filters so experienced players can build good and accessible vehicles for new players. those filters would simply hide parts from the storage, so we can simulate a newbie inventory and build with accessible parts:

  • a filter to hide all pack/prestige parts since f2p newbies won’t have it anytime soon
  • a filter to hide all battlepass parts, since grinding the badges takes quite some time
  • a filter to hide all advanced factions
  • a filter to hide parts from basic faction above levels 10, 7 and 4 (key levels)
  • a filter to hide engineers parts above levels 25, 16, 10 (key levels)

With those filters, I can simulate a new player’s storage level E16-L4-N4-S4 for example, and start building vehicles that will actually be accessible and well build and put it in exhibition.


I to would love to be able to do this.

I would build newbie friendly cars as well.


or like we all do…build your own shit :rofl:

A new player wouldn’t be as good as an experimented player to build a good vehicle
with those filters we can builds vehicles for them easily
We would also need a budget though (500-700-2000c,etc)

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Also with filters like this you could build cars to play with friends, because we all know a new player can never catch up, so older players have to go to their level.

Building a low PS car with all the parts is just not the same as being limited.

They are not the same cars.

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being the 30 level engineers thingy?

Well, you can join a friend with your build having advanced parts, it’s just that if you want to help your friend, you can’t give your build to him since he doesn’t have all the parts.
With those filters, you can build a car that is accessible, cheap and efficient, and put in on exhibition in order to help all news players

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I love this idea!

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That would be really useful! You should submit the idea.

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Yes and it shouldn’t be difficult to implement
We can filter faction parts by searching “lunatic” or “nomad”, so this system already exist in a simple way
Some parts aren’t labeled though, like the one from the Founders


They are, but they go by the word “heavy”

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The developers should just improve the Faction builds, I think.

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Buy shotguns

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It is an excellent goal. This type of filter could be streamlined, though:

Allow Players to view only parts in Storage which a specific Friend also has.


Player “CoolDude284” wants help building. I add CoolDude284 as a friend, and he accepts. I right-click his name, then select “View storage overlap”.
I now see my Storage, but there is a text filter (or something) automatically applied: “uid:8675309”.

(This will filter your storage to parts and quantities in common with the specified player. It can become a privacy setting, like show/hide profile, or it can be accessible only to people on your friend-list by default.)


That’s interesting, but this would be more complicated to implement (as it is personalized per each player’s storage) while it will only help to build a vehicle for a specific new player at a time.

Also, storage privacy would need to be individualized per each friend, as I might want to help a player without sharing my storage information to all my friends list.

However, simply adding generic filters as firstly suggested is simpler to implement and help to build vehicles for a larger part of the fresh player-base

I could see them using this with clash of engineers too. If they wanted secondary usage cases.
(Structure part faction level limits, no or specific/all packs… allowed factions only…)

I don’t think I have to elaborate much on that since were talking about filters…

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You are actually right ! Those filters could be used for faction themed arts and competitions ! Such filters could also ensure that everyone is using the same parts and be more equal on that matter.
It can also help making accessible Clan War builds, as experienced players right now use many pack and BP unlocked parts for those high-end builds.

What could be also great is to know how a part can be obtained (which faction level to reach, can I craft it with badges or pack to buy) along the description. New players for familiar with the parts may want to know that information.

Another suggestion, indirectly related to filters: if would be nice to have more options when painting the car.
Right now the only options are : paint one part of paint all.
It would be nice to be able to paint a categorie of part at once, for example:

  • one paint for bumpers, one for armor, one for pass-trough grills, and another one for hardware/weapons/cabin, for example
  • or also, to be able to use different paints for each faction parts (one paint for firestarter parts, another one for lunatic one, etc