Suggestion: Linked Movement Control using Contact2M

New feature name:
'‘Contact 2m Control Transfer’'or “Linked Movement Control” or “Connected Build Control”

This feature described in 2 short sentences:

  1. The Contact 2m part allows players to transfer control of the movement parts of connected builds.
  2. Players can use the Contact 2m to gain control of or give control of movement parts to other builds in the game.

Here is a more complete description of the suggestion:

The Contact 2m is a part that is used to connect two builds in the game Crossout. Currently, it only serves to physically connect the two builds and does not have any additional functions. However, I think it would be a useful addition to the game if the Contact 2m could also allow players to transfer control of the movement parts of connected builds. This could be implemented as an optional feature that players could toggle on or off, depending on whether they want to use it or not.

I think this suggestion is needed in the game because it would add a new layer of strategy and teamwork to gameplay. Players could use the Contact 2m to gain control of another build’s movement parts in order to position it more effectively in battle, or to give control to a teammate who might be better able to operate the build’s weapons or defend it from enemy attacks. This feature would also allow for more creative and flexible build compositions, as players could experiment with different ways of using the Contact 2m to coordinate their builds’ movements and actions.

There are several ways that this feature could be implemented in the game. One possibility would be to allow players to toggle the control transfer function on or off using a button or menu option. Another option would be to make the control transfer function automatic, but allow players to override it if they want to regain control of their build’s movement parts. The specific implementation details will depend on how the game developers choose to design and balance the feature.

Edit: Another way to implement this idea, as mentioned by PatentsPending, is creating 2 different types of contact 2m modules.


I would really like this to be added into the game. Sounds like a lot of fun playing this way with a friend


Even a simplified version, where the “front” vehicle takes over movement controls for both.
Fusion builds are one of the coolest aspects of the game, but I rarely see them, as the function hasn’t really been fleshed out enough.
Some better ways of testing out fusions would be good too. If only we could invite a friend to our garage!

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yeah, i dont care how they would implement it, but it would make fusions so much cooler

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It would remove teamwork. Not add it. By extension, it would remove strategy instead of add strategy. Though fusion builds generally don’t require strategy beyond “drive forward and everyone shoot the same target”

I think the best way to implement this in game is to add a Type “N” contact module that relinquishes movement control to Type “M” modules. No need for toggle etc. Players choose by which part they use.

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Yeah you are right, but at the moment, the only viable versions of fusion builds is having one person control all the movement. the ones were mutiple people have movement parts are practically unplayable. And good idea about the 2 types of parts. The possibility of creating other kinds of fusion builds because this feature is endless if u would link the 2 builds in this way. This would in my opinion make fusions alot more viable and fun, and wouldnt be that op as u are a big target. In terms of teamwork u are maybe right, but there wouldnt be that much more or less teamwork then now. As i mentioned before, nobody uses fusions where both players have movements parts, as those are just useless and u would need telepathic communication to pull it off properly. the amount of teamwork would be the same, the amount of builds u can make increases signifcantly.

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Ok I am going to help you out a bit.

Steering wheels on the lead build. Non steering wheels on the “tail end” build. Middle builds don’t need wheels but must be appropriate in length to reflect this. Everyone pushes the gas full time all the time unless you are capping a base. (you can decide if you need to drive in circles in the base or not i guess)

I like the idea.
The lack of this, although I didn’t really recognize it, is why I quit doing fusions.

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thanks for the tip, but alot of times we also use legs or bigrams or meatgrinders, because fusions are bulky alot of the time. But will use this for sure, good tip.

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It would def make fusion builds better.


It may seem boring, but use the custom game feature to practice attaching your fusions together quickly on multiple terrain starts.

Nothing is worse than the rest of your team already being dead before you even get attached.

I am familiair with the best way of using fusion, but thats not the point of my suggestion. It has to do with the fact that there are limited ways of building a fusion, and linking the movement allows for other ways to build the fusions.

it’s a fantastic idea but would make way too many builds that were not possible possible like hovers that go 95 have insane acceleration and float forever.


Lol that sounds insane, and honestly kind of funny