[Suggestion] Make a pack clash of engineers

A simple clash idea as I noticed most the time the winner is a levi, so here is a suggestion for a small build clash.

Make a pack

rules: make a vehicle for the drivers of the wastes can be any theme out there a joke of a car, a lunatic flying machine, or even a armored tank. But keep in mind the rules.

  1. Can not exceed 70 parts
  2. Can not be a leviathan
  3. max movement parts of 6
  4. PS can not exceed 7500
  5. can not have legendary or relic weapons


What do you mean by that?

Nice idea, I really would want to see more smaller clash of engineers builds without being able to use the leviathan slot because all it takes is one cool looking leviathan build to completely wipe out the non-leviathan competition

Yep main reason for this, while I love a good levi, the detail you can do with them is just to good to ignore.

Yeah, even something as simple as a basic rectangle shape long truck becomes extremely impressive looking when you can place enough wheels and decor items on it and just make it big

Being confined to using less parts and not being able to make a leviathan would give people more creativity when they can’t just win by making something huge and menacing with tons of wheels.

Half the time the winners of an event baffle me. I’ve seen so many boring builds win, and ones that were just taken off of exibition.

What people like in terms of crossout builds seems unknown to me.

That is why there is a 70 part limit, all exhib builds are around 80 do to how people min max.

I point to 1st and 3rd on PC for hte last as proof of that.