Suggestion: Make CW builds only usable for one round

The three CW choices make it so people with 3 relic builds can choose whatever they need at any given time. What if after selecting a build during a round in CWs, it became unusable for the remaining rounds?

The 3 builds were supposed to be an option for rock, paper, scissors. They turned out to further the divide between the haves and have-nots. With this, you have to choose what you play and when. Like a good game of Spades, choosing when to play your cards can matter as much as what cards you have to play.

I believe if this change were made, you should be able to load up the same car 2 or 3 times.

But for the guys who bring a Scorp for range, firedog for antihover, and a MG hover for any given thing, now you’d better pick the right one at the right time or be caught flat footed by a guy who only has 1 set of relics that trumps 2 of your 3 builds (such as a firedog against the aforementioned 1 dog, 2 hover whale)

Ngl, i think this would IMMEDIATELY spice up clan wars and add a layer of tact to what builds or copies of builds to bring. It would also make you act as a team in the sense of what builds to bring to complement your other teammates strengths and weaknesses.

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Nothing against you, but I personally do not see an advantage to adding anything like this.

My vote would be -1

Mull it over a while and muse the possibilities, it might grow on you. It has potential to turn one size fits all triple fused relic teams into potential liabilities against dedicated teams using one type of build (i.e.- all 3 spider build teams, all 3 firedog teams, all 3 hover teams)

Loading up a scorp, firebug and a punisher isnt an automatic build for any scenario if you face a full dog team, just as a full dog team wouldnt fair well against an all 3 build spider team, and so on and so forth. Teams would immediately need to figure out their gaps in coverage and adjust. Poor peeps woth only one good build might find that they arent autocountered by the blue whales of the game.

Just mull it over, the possibilities that is, and see if you dont thoery craft some juicy matchups or comps to deal with anything. Its no longer playing with 3 Ace of Spades vs. people who dont have 3.

I do see the “fun” aspect of it.

It is like a game that uses cards and your loading your Clan Wars Deck.

The issues I see with this is teams that have a little amount of gear will have bad decks. Unless you have good cards, then your at a disadvantage anyways.

And I think some matches will be lost just because a bad deck was loaded up - clan war is suppose to be about skills, and if a clan lost just because their deck of cards did not win the other deck of cards kind of sounds like BS. I would rather “luck” not be as important of a factor in CWs.

I completely see where your coming from brother and if it was added it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but I also don’t think it is the “fix” your looking for.

After a bout of week of this being added people would decide what the best combos are and we will be back to the same old thing but with a slight twist that support luck as a factor.

I see your point against massive whales, but what about people who struggle to even have 1 build?

The ones you want to target are the ones who get punished the least, here. “Oh no I have to play my other fully fused relic build, so sad… Oh wait that dude be running a dual Fatman now :joy:

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I also see this system punishing people without gear more then the ones with gear.

That is already what happens now with the current system.

So it would be exchanging one evil for another one.

I think they ought to remove the CW preview entirely and let ppl play whatever they want. Its too much information being given to the other team before the fight has started. I don’t want the enemy team to see what we are using.

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Remove 3 builds rotation in cw, bring back 1 build only.

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Hmm? What did you say, you like one build choice in cw or not?
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