Suggestion:Make Punisher's hitbox match the gun

Its 2023, can we get some gun depression where there clearly is space for it? Every other gun in the entire game has dpression available with armoring. Like, cmon now. Its time. They chopped off the bottom barrel of the breaker so you could armor it a few months after it came out, yet Punishers are still left to rot.


I agree.

Well said.

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Thank You! I agree strongly, I should be able to put an APC slope in front of the Punisher.
The quad barrels could also be grouped closer together on each side to make more room for frontal slopes.

They ought to remove that for the breaker and let the hitscan kiddies have less weapon armor.

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So you completely acknowledge that the hitscan kiddies do already indeed have less gun armor. Well played

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They don’t need it because nobody has gun armor against hitscan. The ability to aim at guns with hitscan is 10x easier than it is for ballistic weapons and there is no exaggeration there. If I need to degun somebody in a panic I have to aim post codes above and behind them and intuitively know when my gun bores will be intersecting their weapons half a second into the future. There is no ability for me to just place my cursor on their guns and poof them off unless they are sitting still.

If a gun is larger than 2x2 there is absolutely no armoring it against hitscan without completely occluding it from view because its that easy to degun with hitscan. A very small minority of players can do that with ballistic weapons under pressure.

Meanwhile MG players will ream my gun barrel bores from 50+ meters away while I’m strafing at 95kmh.


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You aint got shit on me circus goon.

damn dude nice going!
your really good with those weapons. im surprised how much damage they do.
if theres 1 thing i can definitely say though its that omnis are the new hover in wheel form. they look far more maneuverable and reliable then hovers, have stupidly good grip and act like they weigh more then a neutron star.
seriously try moving them with bigfoots, it aint happening! :rofl:
still though nice shooting, bet those guys are seeing red stars after the ass beating they took LOL :rofl:

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What do you do? I’ve seen you say “I ain’t reading that” and now you’re saying “I ain’t watching that” What about I ain’t typing that?

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Lame at least complete the progression!

He’s just mad cuz he’s got no clips.

who cares about clips

You projected skill issue and then do not care about clips lololol, get a load of this -!

Calls skill issue

Gets shown clips of dude demolishing teams in an off meta build with one clip being a 1v5

Asks who cares about clips


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K, you better be in a clan with a name if your life is steam and anime.

Also agree - fix this and kill mouse aim super tucked builds so we can use MG’s normal again…