[Suggestion] Movement buff modules

These would be 1 power cost modules that buff movement parts in some way. from a power drive axle that increases grip and push ability of wheels to a jump module for hovers here are 4 module ideas.

Power drive Axle

energy: 1
rarity: special
boosts: wheels, omni’s, augers.
perk: Increases wheel power by 25%, and passive melee damage delt by 20%.

function boosts melee on none powered melee builds, note doesn’t effect lances or powered melee.

Thrust vectoring module

energy: 1
rarity: epic
boosts: hover
perk: grants each hover 120 vector fuel this allows one to jump and hover at 3x the height of a normal hover. burns through 10 fuel a second. Ammo packs increase. hovers detonate for 100 damage on destruction while equipped.

note: some of us want fliers, this would give something close a limited time “flight” with hovers but comes at a cost.

Reactive Defense systems

energy: 1
rarity: epic
boosts: tracks
effect: +25% explosive and 25% melee resistance to tracks for 10 seconds, automatically applies when hit by melee or explosives, has 4 charges with a 20 second cool down. has an explosions coming from tracks visual effect.

Siege deployment computer

Energy: 1
rarity: special
boosts: legs
effect: when activated roots user to the ground similar to a turret preventing them from being moved by anything. in this mode the full build gains 20% accuracy with anything not a shotgun. has a 5 second deploy and undeploy time.


I like these ideas.
They probably should have given Engines these kinds of perks, and tires. Instead their perks seem sort of arbitrary to me. I can’t see why an engine would effect some of the things they have assigned to them, but whatever.

I miss passive melee. I don’t think it’s as great at higher power-scores so I don’t get to be as effective with those anymore… I would love to see that more viable again.

I think these would make good perks for new engines and wheels in the future. The Engineers don’t even have an engine on their bench. I think they should have one or three. Maybe, their bench would be a good place for fresh wheels too. Their whole faction could be cooler, probably.

Wait 'till Frank reads that one. Good luck.
I like it though.


No way , we don’t need that.


Ah that is frank I am guessing.


im gonna have to say no on that. they were planning on having something like this before which you gather a new resource to use on hovers to make them fly higher but they scrapped the idea. i think a good way to fix this issue is to instead give hovers more control over themselves rather then to boost their height for a period of time. yeah the jump would help to avoid dog builds a bit better but its not necessary. and staying at that height is just unfair even if it does burn fuel. if it were a jump and allowed you to control your fall in a certain direction with a slow descent then i think that would be more fair. you know, it adds a thrust to the engines to force you into the air then you come back down at a slow descent to better position yourself or throw your opponent off to land a hit. it would help avoid lance dogs a bit better and help to avoid other dog builds to.

uhhh… you do realize that people have a ton of lances / boom sticks on the front of their build and can punch right through a track build before that perk would even get to activate right? plus who melees tracks? they have melee resistance as is dont they?

sitting duck. easy pickings for scorpions and dog builds. i think a fire build would easily destroy a leg build with a perk like that. think, you cant move, fire build comes up, burns you away either from the front or side. 5 seconds is more then enough time to destroy a leg build completely, especially if they use cannons. a better solution would be to compliment legs rather then hinder them. perhaps giving them a crushing ability or increasing the weight of the car to crush your enemies.

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There is a big button called “Game Suggestions” you know.

already sent there before I posted it here.

Would activate on that same hit, so the DR would apply on hit and for 10 seconds, also it isn’t really a lance counter more an active melee counter.

module was more meant for artillery in concept, though I do like the idea of a module that gives them passive melee for walking over things.

no feed back on the hover as you do have valid points, and yeah a jump module would make more sense but I still think both should be an option.

All movement parts already have a buff - hover is ignore bumps.
1 energy is interesting but the issue is people would want it on all wheels tracks, augars and NOT hovers so it would be pretty unfair

A dog is the only thing that can slap a properly played hover scorp, giving them a bonus that allows them to shit on melees would be an extremely bad idea. Hovers are already coming back full force in CW, and it’s boring af.

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The last month on EU server, i dont think i have seen a build thats not a fire dog or porc hover - Thats boring.

Give me your opponents please, we keep running into hover scorps (or flutes yesterday, huuuuuuh so annoying), it’s a pain in the butt when they know how to play. I miss 3v4ing Draco teams into the ground because our best player failed to connect. Flamer boys were so predictable U_U

I’m so close to selling my inventory for a Flash, to bully those hovering boys who think hiding behind a container all game with Scorps and Kaps is peak gaming :joy:

That is why each module in this has a specific movement part that it works on.

Auto cannon snipers and shotgun cloaks can rip a hover to shreds what games are you… oh CW… yeah CW if bad like really bad no fun in that mode what so ever.

Games should be balanced around their competitive modes. You can argue about the quality of said balance, but balancing XO around Patrols, Brawls, Raids or PvP wouldn’t make much sense. These are places were people do not try to win and don’t minmax the crap out of what the game gives them.

No need to puff dogs if they are already meta… So no ty for speed/stealht buff.

In future co driver give those too, but smaller .

your also forgetting that lances can be on the same layer to so they all hit at the same time. it would shred those tracks.

legs absorb impacts well enough from firing things like mandrakes and cannons. id be more interested in weight damage from legs seeing as how every build i come across like tickling the undersides of a leg build with no regards for their own builds. if that were the case with damaging the vehicle under it they would have to think before they act.

That line of thinking is why Halo infinite is dying right now.