Suggestion New Mode: Dark mode

i had this idea for a challenge mode known as “dark mode” it would cost (debating on coupons or fuel) to get in and you can get various rewards from it. scrap, copper, etc for completing it.

how it works:
the level in here is very dark, and you can start up nearby generators to light up the area using flood lights or football stadium lights. these generators CAN be attacked and get damaged (much like the turrets with health bars) so be sure to not let them go out!
your vehicle can also be equipped with various light sources to, having light sources can help light up the area and help you see where your going. pick a good spot and stick with it as enemies will come in and attack you. try not to get stuck in the darkness to long or else mini fuzes come and start ravenously attacking you. what are mini fuzes? their like fuze drones… BUT MINI! … and they do more damage.
each one will have waves and if you can last a total of 10 - 20 waves youll get rewarded with various resources.
revives in here are scarce. you have 3 total and you have a “repair” option to. you can stop and choose to repair yourself with the extra scrap resource you pick up from defeated enemies or save it to repair generators. the choice is yours.

wutcha all think?


There have been a number of suggestions like this (including from me) but other people always said it wouldn’t work. I had an idea for playing in a dark underground cavern where headlights were the only source of light, and nobody seemed to like it because it would devolve into point-blank melee fighting. Your idea is not bad, but unlikely to come about, unfortunately. :frowning:


i had posted this on old forum…for a darker map so headlights and any firepuddle would illuminate the area and look cool…
but building on the op’s idea…they could put lights on turrets and drones too to be placed around the map…
+1 for darker maps :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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