Suggestion new mode

so heres the thing, this picture i seen on the front page in the cabin upgrade announcement got me thinking…

i actually think that this is a really cool looking picture and since halloween is near and october is coming up i wanted to pitch a few ideas. i know im a bit late for this but honestly id like to know what the community thinks.

halloween faction / graveyard theme faction.

new mode: the haunted grounds.
mode: pve
map: a graveyard themed map. there would be piles of destroyed cars and parts laying around, a thick fog envelopes the area and its dark constantly. you have to use lights on your vehicle to light up the area and generators nearby to keep the lights on. if the lights go out then its game over. if all the lights go out dont fear, your vehicle can act as a source of light. anything that gives off light can keep you safe. if the lights go out and theres no lights on your vehicle then some ghost fuze drones will come after you and explode on you.
there is waves in this mode, each wave gets a little bit harder and lasts until your team completely wipes out. a boss comes in every 10 waves. you can get scraps from destroying your enemies and use them to power up the generators, fix your car / weapons, put down turrets, lay down land mines / traps and set up some makdrake turrets though these are pricy.

how it works: this mechanic allows you to use the customization items on your vehicle as a source of light. so long as you have a source of light then your safe, you can even stay in your allies field of view and area of lights to protect yourself. upon dying youll have a 30 second respawn timer. get as far as you can before the darkness claims you.

a bit of story:
in the wastelands there are stories of a foggy and dark graveyard that never sees the light of day. every faction out there is afraid of what horrors lye deep in the heart of the graveyard, but some foolish adventurers are not afraid to go in and see what they can come back out with. alot who enter are never seen again, but those foolish enough to brave the danger and come back out alive are rewarded with treasures unlike those anyone has seen.
the gates of the graveyard have finally swung open again waiting for adventurers and daredevils to come in and try to claim the bountiful loot that is hidden inside. will you take the challenge?

rewards: upon completing waves youll gain resources like scrap, copper, etc.

i just wanted to pitch this idea and see what people thought. there were dark modes before that got suggested but i think its an interesting thought and i was hoping that people still like / support this idea.
what do you all think?
also what do you all think about a graveyard themed faction? i think it would be cool.


On the old forum, a few others and myself pitched modes like this, but other posters found flaws in everything suggested. I myself suggested an underground cavern map with only the headlights on your build lighting anything up, but it was suggested that the headlights could never work as real headlights (illuminating what’s in front of you), and it would devolve into a melee-only mode that nobody would like. Whatever. I like your idea, but naysayers will probably thumbs-down the concept.

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You had me at thick fog everywhere.

Also late last night there was thick fog here too. Like…thicker than most people will ever see in their whole life. It wasnt raining, but the fog was so thick my glasses were getting covered in water and i had to keep cleaning them. You couldnt see much farther than 30 feet ahead. It was the stuff of nightmares. I loved it.

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im suggesting this for a pve mode. in pvp it would be alot more irritating and not really doable. i think if anything it would just make people mad lol. my suggestion is a survival mode like the gronch event from a previous christmas event. i hope somethings put in for this years halloween event. id like to see a nice new spooky mode.


Cargo theft
instead of defending something it’ll be our job to attack a supply convoy and damage it enough to immobilize the cargo trucks (not destroy it) but destroy the escort vehicles steal the cargo and run back to your base while fending off pursuers or outrunning them till you get to your base, repair/build up your bases to help defend off the “boss” by running down the clock for your reinforcements get there or you destroy said “boss”
Be great for a ravager theme game mode/brawl/raid!

But for all that is holy don’t put scrap as the reward!
If they’d actually did a mode like this :joy:

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well i was thinking it could be a hybrid mode. like you can get multiple reward types depending how well you do and how far you get. so it starts with scrap and copper at waves 1 - 10, wires at waves 11 - 20, then batteries and electronics at waves 21+ with a bonus to rewards at waves 30, 40, 50, etc assuming you get past them.

thats a nice thought to a mode to. id be interested in that.
hopefully they take these ideas into account. really though i just want more modes in crossout.

People talk about “Cross Platform”, but how about a “Cross Game” mode?

As a solo player, for 1 uranium nugget: You start out in Crossout, and punch a hole through an outer map boundary. Flashing lights and voluminous smoke surround you, and a great wind sucks you through a portal which takes you into the middle of an active Warthunder ™ battle. Your objective: kill any one tank, upon which you are levitated into the skies like a god and reappear back on the Crossout map.

Imagine the look on the faces of the Warthunder players :open_mouth: