Suggestion: remove CW, and add a URANIUM WAR

Uranium war would be a 6v6 mode where you play standard PvP. but with a twist, it has a min and max PS, with the min PS being 7k and the max being 10k.

This is designed to be the end game PvP mode, testing peoples limits in building Note the 7-10k bracket was chosen as at this level the only real difference is armor weapon load outs are almost the same your difference is health and utility.


Fuel COST: 100
Weekly reward: after 10 runs you get 1 uranium no mater what, so long as you didn’t leave the matches.

Reward: on win you get 1 uranium on loose you get 10-50 plastic.

mode rules.
Random movement ban: each week a random movement type will be banned, types that can be banned are wheels, omnit(omni’s and augers), lets, and thrusters. the game will pick two groups to ban.
Random weapon ban: each day a random weapon type will be banned from teh mode.
PS bracket: 7,000-10,000 Can’t go over or under this.

Universal rules: gas tanks and explosive melee are not allowed. though active like temporas are.

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A note there is a reason for weapons rotating the ban once a day while movement is weekly. that is down to gameplay balance. easier to ban a movement then a weapon do to how many ways people use weapons.


Changed from 3v3 to 6v6 to allow randoms a bit of a chance. the ideal format is 4 members of a clan/squad and 2 randoms.

Removed limit of 10 matches per week as someone pointed out that would just result in matches being hard to find later in the week. and the 100 fuel cost for a chance at 1 uranium is already a big cost especially when you get such a low reward on the plastic side.

Need feed back on.

Some people I talk to are recomending I change the bracket from 7k-10k to 9k-12k on the PS to keep the limit but not block out as much of the meta builds.

Also a few people are stating the weapon and movement part bans are a bad idea, though I will state the movement part one is sort of a main focus of this, as you will have to have several builds ready for the mode.

next reason why old people shouldn’t play crossout

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what do you mean by that?

You can see on other of my post/replys, im agree with new game modes that can make this game more enjoyable, but i dont understand why you wana delete CW to add “Uranium War”.
Another point is that you talk about end game at same time you pose limit of PS? I did post few days ago where i suggest low ps gamemode where you can get uranium thinking on players who are not on end game. With 7-10k most of relics will not be worth to mount, 7-10k is good for epic weapons that are not endgame.

Fuel cost 100… I think this translates into 0 ppl on queue. Im playing on playstation and i can say you its better worth play plastic for 40 fuel or electronic for 60 than 100 fuel for 1 uranium only if you win.

About weapon/parts ban its again same problem, you need long time on this game to make a good build completed, it means that will be players who directly are not able to play your gamemode because they dont have diferent weapons even being on late game. Imagine i build car with 2 breakers and big foots, i invested all my resource to make this build fusing parts and geting relic weapon to make competitive build, and i will not be able to play “Uranium War” because i have only one build that can be baned.
In my opinion for late game mode should not have any kind of limtations, to be honest i like CW and if it depended on me i will open CW at anytime of the day and not with restricted hours like its now.

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This is stupid, all of this! ppl should think twice or even more before they give briliant idea like this.
Uranium wars? Maybe n00b wars?

Think about consequences before asking something.

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What about the people that like clanwars??

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Guess CW could stay and this could be a public way to do it.

you first.

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Thats all you can say? No counter arguments?
Typical :crazy_face:

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What can I counter you didn’t even make a point you just said “Idea bad feel bad.” with no real details on why.

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The mode definitely sounds interesting. The random movement ban and weapon bans will spice things up. I imagine the mode will be very popular on the weeks when hovers get banned.

I don’t like the fuel cost though. It will just further incentivize people to seal-club for more fuel.

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should by good ideea but first they need to remove permanently levi clan wars for put it on optional mode for who like and want to play it

the reason why you make this discussion is because you are not able to play competitive with a team in a league where you can get uranium or you are good enough but you don’t get enough. You can read in the description that this ore is rare and in my opinion you should earn this ore. There are other ways such as using the market and getting this ore. But costs. Other players who have had to play since 2018 have also earned their way to their relic weapons. They even introduced a new mode where people who can’t play well or competitively can still earn their uranium in the Bronze League… The Leviathan. You can farm uranium with him if you have an experienced player in the clan who has the necessary skills to assemble a Levi. The statement of Dooms_day is nonsense and the mode should stay because there are players who only play cw in crossout and if you take away this mode less people will play.


Actually I just hate CW in most games. nothing to do with skill there.


You hate clan wars but you want to create a new mode called uranium wars? Whats a difference? Ppl who can play competitive have no problems with it, only ppl who sucks in cw or have zero skills are asking to rework or remove cw from xo. Git good

maiby is good ideea but on 1vs1 cw’s,or should to put optional levi cw’s for who like it to play

If CW were 8v8, I would be a lot more interested.
However, I understand how that would be impossible with the current numbers of active clans.

What if instead of scheduled CW sessions, it was active all the time, and clans could directly challenge other clans? Rewards could change depending on the difference in ranking (high ranking team wouldn’t win much from beating a low ranking team, but low team would get more rewards if they beat the high ranking team.
I could see ways that people could abuse the system and try to rig their rankings, but there might be ways to counter that.

Did u just answer youself? :rofl: “iTs sTopID” “ThAts aLL yOu caN say? No coUnter argUmeMTs?” :rofl: :clown_face: