Suggestion: spaced armour and cannons

Pass through parts shouldn’t be such effective armour against cannon shells or missiles. The theory has been tested in real life, and it doesn’t seem to work.

What about if pass-through parts let some explosive projectile weapons pass through them completely and not detonate until hitting “real” armour?

Maybe this should only apply to cannon shells and missiles. Grenades seem fine as is, and should detonate easily in real life.


I don’t think they should pass through unexploded there’s often a fair chance there is nothing on the other side for some distance in crossout’s spaced armor builds. I was thinking that perhaps there should be multiple types of blast dmg and shaping both Omni, and Directional.

Omni: is your basic example of the projectile hits and then explodes doing splash damage to everything 360 degrees around it.

Directional: is I’ve fired it at a particular angle and the explosion will precipitate from the contact point at a acute angle internally for a longer distance until hitting actual armor or modules…

In many of the examples of spaced armor in the game there is a space gap of any were from 2x pins to 16x pins to deal with. In the case of the larger gaps it doesn’t effectively allow the explosion to hit the internal armor structure. That’s what directional blasts should try to fix. So it’s not just penetrating a set pin amount but allowing the explosion to move differently and apply the splash damage in a more efficient manner.


I dunno… I kinda like how my balloons can stop canon rounds. Very realistic. :joy:

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Or maybe pass through parts could be more impacted by explosive damage in general? Shockwaves should be able to mangle a buggy floor pretty easily.

I saw a supposed leak for a freeze cannon that kind of did similar to turning off passthrough damage on those type of parts temporarily via a negative status modifier. I didn’t think it was a real leak though as it was in English but yeah some way to make blast damage effect passthrough parts would probably help a little. I still think it’s the space between that is the meat of the problem though.

When players exploits the code like they do with spaced armor it just makes a mess of things.