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I’ve been noticing that my heavy builds all end up in a higher PS bracket than the same weapons on a light cabin. Some of that is because I’m more likely to use more movement parts, but the bigger factor seems to be the extra armour that we usually pile on to heavy builds.
In theory, this is fair, but given the high damage weapons we see in higher PS and the focus on degunning, lots of armour doesn’t give much advantage.

What if structure pieces didn’t use quite as much PS? It shouldn’t be a huge change, but even a subtle shift could be a nice way to buff heavy builds without breaking any existing builds.
I think the last armour changes were good, but let’s go a little further!


I agree… Only afraid about melee, which now uses heavy Bastion cabin and shitloads of armor… Don;t want that to have even more.

But yes, I agree with you otherwise…
Also, degunning really IS a problem… Some people say it’s not a common strategy, but all the matches I am in, day after day after day, it’s degunned people SDing.

Weapons should get a % of total vehicle durability! As much as 20%.
Like you’ve said. Heavy sturdy builds mean little if their gun falls off in a single salvo.

Degunning isn’t a problem. It’s part of crossout though. Your friend is right and wrong. Degunning isn’t a problem, but it is a heavily used strategy. If you can call it a strategy even.

I’m not sure I’d be all that pleased to see armour feed a percentage on to gun hp. I hate getting stripped sure, but I don’t want to reduce ability to degun. Some weapons do need more hp though. Like the waltze could use a bigger hp pool. Or something. That firing mechanic and model size cause issues when armouring it up. So firing with it less armoured is preferable, but it doesn’t have great hp pool to be exposed like that. So the gun is kind of a contradiction.

That would be a lot of work for Devs as well (adding cab hp to guns). It would mess up balance they have and Devs would have to rework a lot of stuff. It seems like a small thing. But it would off set a lot of things. It would probably take Devs like a year to get that kind of patch out.

This is kind of a side note:

Whenever I read someone complain about degunning And heavy armor cars I always image them running giant square brick cars with the guns fulling exposed and dropped right on top of the build.

And as always, if people insist on driving around with their guns hanging out… then you get what you get.

I imagine something different. I imagine armored up Spike crossbow that is gone in a single salvo because it’s not that hard to hit the exposed part. Armored up machine guns gone in a single salvo because of the same thing. Etc…

You imagine the player complaining playing that brick with exposed guns. Now imagine the player complaining because he is doing the disarming simply because it’s over-effective, making it an overused thing = boring.

Many weapons need a durability buff.

I can’t remember the last time I had to shoot at an enemy car. Always do a burst or two at their guns and those are gone. For a car fighting game, I would expect more people to die WITH their guns than SD because the yare disarmed.


But what about 360 degree rotating weapons? We are not meant to use them like they are supposed to be used? Even things like mammoths fall like wet paper due to their “low” durability in relation to their size…

The “heavy” weapons are way too easy to hit and destroy, you can’t miss a shot at them no matter the distance…

My kaiju with 65% more effective durability falls innstantly if a meta-cockpit-breaker gets within 30 meters of my build, leaving me as a 20k durability brick with no weapons…

Weapons in high PS have way too many damage, and ut is impossible to miss large weapons, so their durability literally means nothing…

.+ the fact that if your build goes lower than 80KM it is literally impossible to “disengage” retreat, or “dodge” shots, making you an bassicalle an massive “free points” sign

I don’t mind that degunning is a prime strategy in Crossout. Makes sense, and besides, we can still kill people by ramming them.
I just think that adding more armour shouldn’t feel like the handicap that it currently does (meaning you go up in PS significantly, so you face more weapons capable of easily removing all that armour, not to mention how slow you get).
Just feels like the balance needs to be adjusted slightly, so that armour has more meaning.


currently it does not matter how much durability you have, if you can’t reach at least 80 KM per hour you are instantly useless in the current state of the game…

the faster you are, the harder you are to destroy, armor does not matter at all if you slow, it actually makes you worse…

This is why heave cabins are mostly useless, they have extremelly bad stats, and very useless “advantages” the only thing that does not let them be 100% unu-sable is their (at most times) “strong perks” but when one has a bad perk, it is instantly useless (yokozuna, and machinist when you guns used to lose durability when you losed cabin health)

I don’t think you are completely wrong, but you are exaggerating the situation.
I mostly play light fast cabins, and I agree that being hard to hit is a better strategy than being able to take a lot of hits. Having said that, when I’m not playing light and fast, I’m usually playing slow and heavy, and when I do I’m able to survive a lot of close range attacks despite not being able to come anywhere close to 80kmh.
Heavy builds aren’t useless at all, but could still use a bit of buffing.

Also, machinist perk got changed: weapon durability buff doesn’t change as the vehicle takes damage anymore. It’s made it a lot more useful, if you haven’t tried it since the change.

I was talking about how bad it was before the change, now machnist is better, but 80% of the time you would be better with a humpback, cohort, or denmark…

All my heavy cabins are upgraded, (and most of my other cabs are too) my machinist is upgraded for durability and mass limit(so is my humpback) but i still feel like i do WAY better with the humpback even with lesser stats just because of the perk…

Honestly… heavy cabins have too many disadvantages compared to other cabins as of now…

I think they need their one point of energy back, or HUGE stat increases, like 50-100% more mass limit, even if that means reducing their maximum speed, as of now it would not be very different if heavy cabins went all only 40 KM, they can’t even accelerate to 60-70 KM most of the time even when that is their maximum speed…

I can get behind the +1pt (still not sure they need this, but would love to find out)

But I can’t support the rest of the idea.

You want to add more weight which it does not need and reduce its speed which it does need.

This would just completely destroy heavy cabins.

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Heavy Cabins have been doing extremely well at very high power scores, but there are only certain setups that work.

Echo Oppressor Mastodon dogs, usually on Hermit wheels have been running amok lately on Xbox. These are ridiculously strong, especially in packs. Machine gun spiders, Reaper/Punisher/Vindicator/Aspect/Helios on Cohort/Humpback/Machinist/Bastion have been especially strong lately. Especially Humpback builds. A set of these will ruin your day if you aren’t packing Jncinerators or Heathers. Another great cabin is Yokozuna in Levi Wars. People usually put a Skinner, some Breakers or a Spark and Flash combo with an Aegis or Trombone and use it as the only cab that can plow into a booster sausage Levi.

It’s the 7-10kPS range that I think heavies aren’t performing well. Partly because the only way to run a heavy in that range is to either run less armour or use less powerful guns/modules. If armour didn’t raise PS so much, you’d see more heavy builds being run in that mid PS sweet spot. It wouldn’t change things much in high PS, as the ranges are so much wider, and I don’t think it would change much in low PS other than that low PS heavies will likely be carrying more armour but also much slower. Won’t really impact the trucker/borer builds, as they still need a certain amount of acceleration and speed to work.

You see, if i don’t suggest a “nerf” too, people will cry…

Remember when they attempted to give heavy cabins 12 energy, but so many people screamed that they did not inplement it…

I do get what your saying and I agree but many heavy builds work well at high PS. So it is hard to get people to support +1 energy for heavy cabins.

I’m not going to lie, I think it would be crazy broken to give heavy cabins +1 energy, but that would be a fun patch lol.

Also, not all weapon and cabin types are meant for every PS bracket. Maybe consider playing at the level they are good.

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