Suggestion to Dev's

Dev’s, Ladies and Gents

Can we (as in the Devs) show a little love towards the R37 Adapters?

  1. Utilise the already in game Power Unit to apply bonus to said weapons

  2. A glorious visit the buff hammer

  3. Lengendary Adapters < my personal favorite idea

Others may suggest ideas please

Dev’s… you know it makes sense

Owe you a few beers next time I am in town


I only recently realized that they are a reload weapon.
So you can boost them with a reload booster.
Also, you can use one to boost your hadron build.
They’re a good gun, but a bit quirky and not used by many.

They didn’t used to be, when released you could boost them with the power unit, not sure when they changed it.

Are you sure about that? I don’t think they were ever classified as a plasma emitter.

Given the description of the power unit it probably shouldn’t have worked on the adapter.

They’re actually classified as a railgun (although gauss rifle would fit its description better). If the Power Unit buffed the R-37-39 Adapter then it would have to buff the other railguns too, the Thyrsus I, Astraeus, Kaiju, and the Scorpion.

A buff would be very nice, but they are pretty powerful with more than one.

The Thyrsus I is technically a legendary R-37-39 Adapter (direct line on the tech tree), but I get what you want.

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See I’m very sure about it, and over the years I’ve felt gaslit into thinking it wasnt. If you go into the exhibition and look for adapter/power unit builds there are tonnes of them if you turn the trending off, too.

That doesn’t mean the power unit actually did anything on those builds. I have definitely made builds assuming that a module worked on my guns, and only found out later that it didn’t.

If it did work with them at one point, it was probably an unintended bug, as they were never part of the plasma emitter family, despite sharing a lot of characteristics.

I mean I only found out recently that they are reload weapons, and I have used them on and off since they were introduced. Would never have known if it wasn’t for the forum.

I really wish modules and cabin perks had little drop down lists showing all the weapons/items that interact with them. Trying to figure out what the devs mean from bad translations isn’t ideal.

The tech tree helps a lot. Carapace and Echo affect every weapon from the “Cannons”, “Rockets”, “Minelayers” and “Uncategorized” groups, as well as all reload weapons from the “Energy Weapons” group (holy hell that’s a good chunk of the game), just to give an example.

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It would be really nice to have some alternate tech trees to better explain interactions.
Like a reload tree, an overheat tree, and whatever that third category is that drones fall into (ie. things that are buffed by Cheetah/Bigfoots). There are a few things that talk about buffing energy weapons, and I’m not always clear on what counts as an energy weapon. I would love it if the description for a cabin like Kami actually listed all the weapons the perk works against.

There’s a lot of room for better info in-game.

Agreed, they made it so that challenges show you exactly what weapons, cabins and modules fall under their relative requirements for completion, something similar would be great.

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Hi, I agree with these suggestions too.