Suggestion vs AI

A game mode in “battle against AI” where, if you keep winning, you are matched against progressively stronger bots (higher PS) till you lose.

Kinda’ like a old-school arcade game, huh?

xmas event,and the one to protect the truck that has guns n stuff on it where you pick up bonuses for the truck.i don’t remember the name of that.
but i think those are kinda the same.but a mode like that would be fun that we can play every weekend.maybe make it for clans or single players.
maybe start with 1 bot then 2 ect ect until you have 100 bots :crazy_face: :rofl:


i loved the christmas event and i thought it was fun. i wouldve loved for them to make a permanent mode like that in the game for pve. hopefully they do that in the future because it would be alot of fun to see how far people make it. honestly i wish they had removed the time limit to see how far people could really get in the event. that wouldve been fun :laughing:


They could easily implement it with the Adventure map with very little effort. I’d play it even with lousy rewards.