Suggestions for optimizing more Cannos (Mammoth upgrade)

As some of you know, I posted a top on the old forum, just before it was the old forum :joy:, mainly regarding Mammoth. Using it with Hadron is not very good, As the Hadron is a medium cabin, it supports little weight, in addition to not being able to use a powerful engine like the Colossus, since all its energy goes with KA-2, King and 2x Mammoth. Since the Mammoth is big and heavy, building a good car only gets 1400 maximum health (that’s as far as I could get with my creativity :thinking:), and analyzing the type of combat for Mammoth, it would be a medium and close combat. Considering the reload time, time to get the buff and spin time and favorable angles for shooting, I could easily see that the Mammoth is at a disadvantage against the vast majority of other more common builds.

Note: I would be happy to know that this topic is read by development. I thank the attention!

I was thinking of something simple and that is already (or will be after the update) integrated into the game, like the splifire + RN Seal, but for the Mammoth it would be Hadron+ Mammoth (7.5% more total Hadron mass bonus for each equipped Mammoth, maximum bonus of 15%. This would revive the Mammoth. Incidentally, the concept of using sturdy cannons is to be a “Tank”, not a flimsy car that huge cannons.

Yes, that’s how the Mammoth Cannon trades his weight for his durability to keep the game balanced, if you want a lighter cannon. That should require a new legendary cannon