Suggestions for squad battle

Now in the early stages of the battle it often happens that two squads engage first and the other squad gets the final victory, yes the game soon has the central base activated, but why not be quicker and just avoid this situation of not engaging in the early stages to save your strength,to make the battle more intense, I have other suggestions, which are complete:
First of all, each team is increased to 5 people, each person has 3 lives, and the base appears in the center of the map at the beginning of the game and will be opened within 20 seconds, if you do not quickly reach the center, it will be seized by other teams to increase the area of the central base (but smaller than the regular mode), the occupation time is greatly extended and will not be reset when occupied by other teams, the team that occupies the base or completely destroy other teams wins,If no team completely occupies the base within 5 minutes, the team with the most progress wins.In addition,If you have life left and your teammate has run out, you can give it to your teammate if you wish.

How about my idea?Please let me know if you think it’s bad, and like it if you think it’s good

I found here very useful information , could you provide more information.

That should be all, if you have questions just ask and I will answer