*Super Rare Scores😉

Nabbed my 5k yesterday

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I wouldn’t think that 5K is possible outside of Firebugs or Dracos or Gravastars. Congrats.

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Luckily they were much higher PS so they gave me a lot of score haha

Here is a rare game: 20K on the damage counter with rockets. This is only possible against high power score spider teams as low powerscore teams don’t have the durability to take 20k of damage. I only captured the last minute of the match as that is as far back as my Xbox will allow unless I record every match.

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I count this as rare, MVP with low score, on an Aggressor build that uses 3 Anaconda turrets

Scored this in helicopter mode today. Wasn’t even using catalina just 2 cyclones and 1 caucus on a harpy cab. New record I think, I think my previous highest scoring game was 5100 and something.

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It’s funny how they allow 8v8 on console when it’s dead… 5 bots is such a joke I don’t know why they bother, perhaps just lazy…

I remember when we had the last winter event with helis, they had a competition for the highest score to win Green Chrome paint and I just went and snagged over 7k score because it was just a bot farm. Everyone was complaining but I don’t make the game or the rules lol

First match with Medians went well, they dropped so hard I couldn’t resist grabbing 3

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In todays episode of Ghost and Arothron go brr

also the rarity of it being that this is mostly a meme build, as apparent by the great steps taken to hide my guns