*Super Rare Scores😉

i never seen this before…so i’m posting it…
post yours…



What the heck? Did they all just go to sleep or something? LOL

we tied for MVP but he has more assists so he got the mvp… lol


Ah I can see why the enemy lost, they had Spider on their team.

Jokes aside I wonder what happened.


If you tie for MvP point wise it goes to the one with the most total kills and assists, so as you both had the same kills but he had 3 more assists then you he got it.

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yup,i already said that :rofl:

I am not sure what the “super rare score” is on the first one? It looks like the normal board for a team that just got handled. Please explain.

Very interesting on the second, I don’t believe I have ever experienced nor seen that.

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28 assists,the other team under 100 points in top place plus no kills and obviously no assists.
first time i seen that or payed attention to it…
so i thought it would be fun and make a record on the forum to see rare scores…that’s all :wink:

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I would have liked to see exactly what happened in that match. I mean… How does that even happen? :joy:

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Oldschool porcs would do that to games. Lol.

Your team was all lancers!

I posted this in a different thread but I just saw this one and think it really belongs here. It’s an old one with my old name Smels but I have never been able to repeat it. So I think that makes it super rare enough to post here. This was in my droner, Snaggletooth. I started by covering the person farthest back on the field and, when they went down, I hoped to the next team mate and covered them. Worked my way up the field to the cap point with the last teammate alive (stripped), left him there to bait the remaining enemy player, circled around behind the guy and, well, the rest is droning history :wink:

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Me and George the A team. 3 players from the opposite team forfeit


I ended up on the other side of that first post, also a note the build I was using in this match had nothing but barriers and support tools and I got 82… yeah, I Still don’t know what happened I looked one way then turned a round and my team was dead.

Sometimes “Off we go” is unplayable. Matches aren’t taking longer than around 1 - 1:30 min. There is always a bot or a human player which has already an unrealistic amount of points. I am expecting there is something “going wrong” …

It can seem that way, but as a player who often scored more than half the points of both teams combined, I think they’re isn’t anything wrong. People just don’t seem to understand how the points are tabulated.

In the right circumstances, I’m the only dude on the map scoring any points… Sometimes, it’s a ground bot on a parking garage on a city map.

it is what it is

I get the frustration, though.

Hopefully, if it becomes permanent in any way, they do a lot of fixing first.

Look at this screenshot. This game was over in less than 30 seconds. Before someone could shoot 2 players and 1 bot scored like hell. I don’t think that this real/skill. And it’s most of the time the same scheme that a bot is included with ridiculous high points and this type never goes longer than 2 mins (max), because then one side got already 10k points.

I already made a post about cheaters but I think more players are at this scheme has well or if not cheating than it is at minimum griefers on your team just committing suicide for no reason. I say it was because of the_prankster that was on your team just trolling and committing suicide or sacrificing himself for the enemy team. I played a few suspicious matches yesterday I think players might of been at it but just not has obvious has the way the kox clan were going at it which I already made a thread about.

A kd that starts with a 1
even tho this is not a score figured id post it anyways, this was taken from early 2019

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