"Super" Resistance Parts

There are a handful of parts that have extra-high resistances. The good old Gun Mount is a prime example:

90% pass through resistance. Not bad.
I thought it’d be nice to have a little list for myself of the parts with this kind of extra durability. When scrolling through them, I found there were a couple I had never noticed before.
Please add anything that I’m missing.

Listed as they appear when sorted by type:

Structural Parts

90% Pass Through Resistance:
Buggy Engine Cover
Buggy Floor
Buggy Trunk
Gun Mount
Left Buggy Corner
Radiator Grill
Right Buggy Corner
Left Catheter
Right Catheter
Left Elbow
Right Elbow

50% Pass Through Resistance.
Mounting Bracket

Bumpers with 25% Pass Through.
Impact Bumper
Shock Absorber
Blade Wing
Large/Medium/Small Thorn
Twin Blade Wing


Lunar Wheels 50% Pass Through
Gun Mount Wheels 50% Pass Through <-Rare Part with perk!
Shiv 50% Melee Resistance
Hermit - speed based
APC - 25% Blast Resistance

25% Bullet, 50% Melee, 25% Fire
Small Tracks
Hardened Tracks
Tank Tracks
Goliath Tracks

Sleipnir 25% Bullet, 50% Melee, 65% Fire

Armored Tracks, 25% Bullet Resistance, 25% Blast, 50% Melee, 25% Fire

ML 200 25% Blast, 50% Melee

Big Rams 50% Melee

Gerrida I 25% Melee, 25% Pass Through

Meat Grinder 50% Melee


Tusk & Cerberus 75% Melee

Bastion’s Front 50% Bullet, Blast, Melee & Fire


Goblin & Gremlin 90% Melee, 40% Pass Through

Borer, Buzzsaw, Mauler, Lacerator, Harvester, Charybdis 30% Blast, 75% Melee

Draco 90% Melee

I’ll try to edit this post to include any additions… if for no other reason than for my own reference.


I believe you missed the blue shoot through fenders, i believe they are in the “heavy metal” section of parts. (I’m waiting for it to get light to go fishing or I would look it up, I am sitting at the lake now.) They are not with the other parts, but mixed in with the pack parts like the Catheter’s are in the light section.

Also, ty for making me a list, I appreciate it! :+1: :joy: :+1:

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You’re right… Left & Right Elbows. I added them.

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By this time the list of armor parts should be burnt into your head because many builds use a good portion of those parts.

Many of those armor parts I count as “must use” parts when building.

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Why would I bother remembering any of it when I have to look at the part to pick it?
I have to remember tons of numbers from spreadsheets, reports, stock numbers, quantities etc… I don’t prioritize remembering things that do not put cash in my pocket.

Thank you again for the list Roopull

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Because when building cars for efficiency you don’t “look” for parts.

You force all of the most effective parts into the same build.

Most of my cars use about 75% or more of the same armor parts.

Looks never plays a roll in my personal choice for armor I use, but to each his own.

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For the most part, they are burned into my memory. I’d never noticed the Vial had 90% bullet resistance until I made the list, though. I like reference material, so… plus…
einstein on memorizing facts

He never said that, by the way. It’s derived from a conversation that somewhat hinted at it. :man_shrugging: The internet is stupid.

It’s funny you say that. There are guys at my work who make a habit out of remembering everything about the company and OTHER people’s jobs. I’m not sure what the infatuation is… for example, we have “SLICs” which are 5 digit codes for each sorting facility we have nationwide. There is literally no reason to memorize them aside from the two or three you use daily. Yet… there they are… dudes who can tell you what the SLIC for South PodaBean, California is and will recite it proudly. :man_shrugging: :rofl:

Same here… and that’s why I wanted to make sure I knew what all the parts were… so I can force them into builds. After making the list, I did just that with more focus on using the parts than ever.

Man… let me tell ya… it’s ugly. :boar:


I use ~ 70% or so of parts on every build (might drop off gunmounts for smaller builds).

Doesn’t change that I don’t need to remember part names. Only where they are located in the menu.

Note: I have all black shirts, all the same white socks, all the same blue jeans. It just feels like a waste of time to decide what to wear. So I don’t have to.

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It’s not bullet resistance on the gun mount, it’s pass-through


I thought that yesterday and never made it back to post that.

It’s WAY different.


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Thank you!
That IS a huge difference.
I’ll fix it when I’m on my PC.

Looks like I needed to clarify the parts with bullet resistance vs. pass through.

The only parts - I think - that have bullet resistance are:
Bastion’s front and Tracks

The rest of the are pass through.

merci, beaucoup, jai un coup de foudre!

it takes a true pc vet, not those people who just say theyve been playing for years like bobs who dont even know basic game mechanics, to understand the most og op structure part besides frames.

and tbh the monkey is right here too, if you call yourself a vet or think you should pipe up on game mechanics etc. (specifically building your own builds) you should know all those parts by memory. and understand how the “perks” work.

people worth their salt in the game know this stuff, i dont.

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Oh mon amour

To be fair, it’s not something I’m particularly proud of. I remember being able to spit like 95% abilities in LoL, complete with base damages and ratios, back in the days. All that useless info has to take storage space that could be used for more constructive things than video games. All that time spent reading patchnotes could have been used to learn spanish or romanian or whatever.


Yeah like in shooters and stuff too… in R6 alone the knowledge of all character abilities, weapon sounds, mag sizes, cooldowns reload speeds and stuff to memorize. All of that info for all shooters I’d play is so much info which will eventually never be thought about again

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