Support builds

Anyone enjoy playing support builds?
You know, the types of builds that don’t score high, but which help your team win.

I’ve been trying various Jubokko/Jotan builds for the past week, and while I hardly ever get an MVP with it, I feel like I am helping my team and annoying the enemy.
I sometimes see people playing with just a bunch of shields, but never tried that myself.
And those players that run a fast car with only kapkans can really screw up an enemy team.

Anyone have any examples of a good support build?

I have a number of Marauder (my flagship APC) modifications that work wonders as support builds, mainly the TOW and the Mandrake ones.

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I guess artillery weapons like Mandrake, Heather, and Incinerator count as support builds.
And I would lump drones and turrets in there too.
Anything that can deny an area to the enemy, or that can protect an area for an ally.

I play a support build in levi invasions (my main source of revenue these days). It’s a somewhat typical brick with a heavily-armored front end, blight with 2 incinerators, and a host of other modules . My goal is to keep the levis heated up so the others can whale on them. With a good team, if they see I’m using incins, they’ll often pin the levi, and I can rack up impressive fire damage.


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My invasion build is a single incinerator on a blight cabin, with an Acari and a Jubokko.

I regularly do more than twice the damage of the second place teammate, although fast leviathans can be a problem if none of my teammates are able to pin it.

The Jubokko doesn’t do that much damage, but can distract the leviathan from shooting at me, and can stop/slow down ones that are built too heavy or that have lost their engine.
The Acari doesn’t shine until the second and third waves, at which point it’s doing the majority of the damage, with the incinerator for finishing them off and/or roasting them when pinned.

I play a parker build in CW Levis, Being able to stop up the Levi and ruin his reload and power can quickly turn the tables. It’s my favorite Levi support build to run.

What is a “Parker build”?

It stops the Levi, ruins his reload and power. Tick, stop build whatever you want to call it. What would you like to call it? I’ll name it after you.

I meant more what weapons/cabin/movement parts do you use for that purpose?

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Flash, Spark, Skinner, Ermak, Fin whale, Sabbath and Claw. Trying some Buggys out to see if they’re worth it. Omamari, verifier, cloak and a couple radiators in there as well.

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the first time i tried drones was amazing, running around the map at high speeds creating havoc, a sense of freedom without the responsibility of being a SG build or a MG build, but sometimes I miss terrible holding the line role.
Jubokko, i have respect for them, they can be very powerful specially in late game.
Inside the support category ( how i hate this term) you can be more active or more passive, both are extremely situational.
Ones are around the actions, lurking choosing a opportunity, with others you can join the fray.
I like to play aggressive (unless i’m tired), all or nothing.
And inside each type of allowed style there’s differences.
e.g. Hawks do everything good except holding the line, this is only doable if you are in the second or third line hammering a distracted adversary, they get insta killed if a MG build looks at you.
Sidekicks ( wheeled drones) work best in a zone, once there, drop and wait and see, they are lousy pursuers.
And i bet other support weapons can have the same differences.
Who runs Flash as a support build? Put some saws with it and go hunt.

Oh, I keep it simple use only the necessary, cause PS. Which is not a wall, Being a MG being a Chord you will loose them in a blink of an eye.

Parser, I think?


I do enjoy how playing this role bumps me out of my routines.
I can choose to play aggressively, preemptively denying the enemy any safe places to hide, while my team looks for opportunities to attack the scattered opposing team.
Or I can hang back and watch the battlefield, tossing some aid to anyone getting attacked, and dropping obstacles in the way of approaching cloaked dogs that my verifier reveals.

I can be very annoying to both snipers and rush builds! And even the DPS builds hate that I can punish them for grouping up in a cluster.

It’s definitely a very different feel than using traditional weapons and trying to kill enemies. It’s more about not letting them get comfortable anywhere on the map, at any time.

I just wish the Jubokkos didn’t also trip up my allies. Sorry little buddies!

You are talking about the syndicate drones, i’ve been curious, but at the same time they are extremely fragile, completely at the mercy of the adversaries when caught.
That overshadows, the sweet fact that they start to reload as soon as you launch them.
but in the other hand you don’t have to be there, to get shot at, trying to squeeze as much survivability as you can, and in mid push your drones run out of juice and you have to retreat, do some laps or circles to speed up the next badge and you lost the momentum, the opportunity.
Many times you can lose your build in the process.
But i would get bored fast

I’m not talking about the flying drones, but rather the electric Kapkan trap things.
So they’re not really drones, but they do work a bit like turrets, so I do see the similarities.

I was mainlining Turrets in a Call Cabin with loads of passive Melee. I had to switch to Grenadiers to reach 2,000,000 million damage a week. But, for years I supported my allies with Turrets because:
Droners use Detectors.
Turrets can be left in the battle or deny an area, while I go ram enemy. You can ram first, take a wheel or two and leave Turrets behind and run away.
Turrets are light so I can tank damage to save an ally because I have high HP.
You can go capture to split the enemy up, force the enemy to return home, generally annoy them.
Speed, you can speed from one base to the other so quickly and you know where you are needed because you have a Detector.
Cloak, flank sniper, aggravate sniper, sniper cannot snipe, win-win.

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We were talking about the same things, Jubokkos, right?
All syndicate gadgets comes from a launcher, be yoguai or Jubokkos.

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Gotcha - when you said drone, it threw me off. I think they’re technically a minelayer.

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I started with turrets and i don’t get it.

They are easily disposable, they are stationary.

I started with turrets until a game, where me and another guy were all that was left.

I couldn’t do nothing he was running from me and i was chasing him the all time.

I couldn’t drop the turrets because if i did… and i did, he just had to avoid them.
I felt helpless. I moved on to Hawks if i had them in that battle the outcome would be very different.
Strong suite of Hawks is when pursuing or be pursued, Nowadays everybody runs at 120 kph, a bit of tunnelling vision or wavering adversaries, maintain distances and things go well.
Even with Sidekicks that can work in short distances.

But all this, whatever the drone is ( turrets included) they only work if the target is shooting something but the drones.

I love running support. Most everyone has already seen the build i run but I’ll share it here, too.

This is Snaggletooth, and it’s fantastic as a rear guard.

If I see the infamous red dot of the lancer or tusk build streaking across the min-map, I’ll position myself right in its path because Snaggletooths front end can eat up to 18 lances (as long as all drones are deployed), and it can obliterate tusk builds if you hit them head on. Even when its missing the front end from such engagements it’s still fully mobile because it has rear-steering.

Its got enough armor to deplete most cannon builds, and can take volley after volley of missiles.

It’s fast enough to keep hover builds busy and distracted so the team can strip the weapons from it.

It’s all fused up and can tank and eviscerate 3 non-fused rigs 3 on 1.

My kill ratio is only at 2.5 and my MVP’s are little to none but I LOVE running support!