Surprised no one posted this from the YT channel yesterday?

I’d make a triple engine tractor pull rig, with a skinner and some mines.

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Like they would give us something to test it on…

Faley wrote this morning:

“And, of course, there will be a special surprise for all those who dreamed of expanding the limit of their armoured vehicle’s capabilities! We hope most of you have already had a chance to watch the recent video shared in our online communities. And if not, we invite you to check it out and share your thoughts and guesses.”

Definitely a module and not an Avalanche energy reduction based on this.

If it was a relic generator, Faley would not say that it is available for everyone as nobody will be able to afford a new relic any time soon.

I think that a legendary switcher module is the most likely item. It will be interesting to see how it works and what you can get away with. For example, could you have an Anti dog build, such as a Reaper or Helios spider, and then have some Heathers on the switcher module to play range with? That would be OP! You play Mandrakes until they come for you, then you’re anti Dog. What would this do to Clan wars?

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I’m not sure that description rules out a new generator, but I would be more excited if you are right about a switcher module.

Who knows, maybe they’re just giving every cabin an extra energy point?

Right. 5 Energy generators would be somewhat oppressive. Imagine 4 Destructor Flywheel on a Photon. Imagine 4 Punishers +1 Seal. This would make a lot of four energy builds so powerful that they would be the only good weapons. Meanwhile, a properly confined switcher module would allow you to play the game differently and not just use more powerful items.

Also, once they commit to a 5 energy generator, or any new relic, they can’t easily nerf it if it blows up the game.

If there is a legendary switcher module, they can nerf it into the ground if necessary as they often do.

My guess is that it is a swticher module, but it can only be used to switch to six points of energy spread out over 2-3 nodes. In which case, this would make Kapkans OP, as you could have Kapkans on switcher module and spam them on every build. Maybe that’s why they are nerfing the hold time so hard.

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5 energy generator might also be good for the five energy weapons, and would help heavy cabins be more useful.

Seems like the three and six energy weapons would see the least benefits from it, but I might be missing some potential exploits there.

It would potentially make more cabins viable for high level CW, which seems like a good thing.

Personally, I find high PS not nearly diverse enough, and a new generator would definitely shake up that PS range.

I like the idea of a switcher, but it seems a little too quirky for them to attempt. Then again, I wouldn’t have predicted helicopters either.

My money would still be on the 5 point generator. They’ve not seemed very afraid to wreck schit lately. I don’t think there is anything to keep them from doing something crazy.

They are probably telling themselves right now, that the community will just love this new 5 point generator, and will be very surprised about all the salt it gets.


I predicted flying schit the minute they updated to camera controls. Said it reminded me of War Thunder and was likely a move towards bringing flight to Crossout. I think the conversation was with ObsidianFang, regarding his aircraft themed fan fiction.

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it was a solid call. i too predicted heli, when i told the story from when my sisters cousin had a one night stand with skula and he told her helis would become the shit in exchange for doing some nasty stuff.

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