Surprised no one posted this from the YT channel yesterday?

Not sure what’s going on here but should be too much energy used…


5 energy gen.

If so, the game is about go through some huge changes!

Or maybe heavy cabins are getting 12 energy?
Edit: never mind, my math is bad

That’s definitely high on the list of possible. I would have thought if they were doing that they would have held out doing the relic cost reduction through till the update i.e encouraging people to make more of them. However having people spend of their excess uranium could bolster CW turnout a little too.

Giving +1en to legendary cabs would have the same effect too just stating it as another option.

Lowering avalanches en requirement would be similar in effect too.

I doubt they would lower 88’s en requirement but again would work too.

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First, the cabin in the video appears to be an omnibox. The guns are Avalanche and Executioner for 17 energy.

I don’t think that they would add a 5 energy generator, although they did just drain all the uranium out of the market.

Another couple of possibilities:

1: Most likely. They are lowering Avalanche energy to 11. This would be a nice change and may make me play Avlanche in Clan Confrontation since they are nerfing my sweet Gremlin build that I just got.

  1. Also highly likely: There is a new zero energy switcher module that allows you to switch cabin energy between 1 gun and another. It takes a second to switch between modes. This would result in twin Avalanche builds, triple Mandrake builds and other Crossout Shenannigans.
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Maybe they plan on lifting the single generator restriction. It would make more sense than creating a five point generator…but then again, since they like to do stupid schit, as long as it allows for more crap they can sell, maybe it is a new five point generator.

Can’t say I care either way.

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Maybe it’s just a leviathan?

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I couldn’t tell as much as I tried to look.

It’s a cool looking build, whatever it is. I doubt it would survive.

The relic crafting event makes me think that a relic generator might be coming. I can see the devs trying to get people to use up their uranium right before adding an item that will need it for crafting. Should boost CW numbers, at least temporarily.

Even if they gave this item for free to every player it would not make the game any better with how imbalanced it is, how am I going to enjoy 1 extra cannon when cannons suck so bad and can’t do anything, while 4 rinky dinky little rapid fire machineguns can tickle armor, guns, movement parts, modules, everything off of builds way better than any cannon can

A guy with 4 imps shaves off parts like ease while a triple executioner build can’t even blast off a singe structural part 95% of the time

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That’s really high on my list too. I have to agree it would be nice and I haven’t been playing my avalanche build much lately. I would actually think about building a new one if that was the case.

That’s kind of what I was thinking plus they show the crafting robots too. So it kind of makes me want to think it’s a craft-able thing.

I think the lifting of a single generator would be a better idea but at the same time that would probably toss the game into a larger chaos as it be 4 more energy rather than 1. It would really amuse me though.

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I would rather that they lift the single engine limit. Keep it to only a single engine of each type, and let us all do burnouts a little easier!

See I’d probably rather see two of the same engines rather than two different engines but that’s from a know that it’s mechanically possible to do stand point.

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I wouldn’t mind that, but I worry about what might happen if people tried to stack some of the engine perks.
We can always rely on the playerbase to try to break the game.

They would probably have to compensate like they do with multiple ageis-sheilds the second only giving a portion of the bonus or something similar unless they wanted to change base figures.

Or they could just give a negation to the primary effect and put a second effect in. We use to do this in early text games so you couldn’t do stuff like cast bless and greater bless and have them stack. The greater bless effect would just negate the earlier spell. It’s more or less the same thing.

Please be a Nuclear Generator, I want my build to go BOOM!!!

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The little ones they use to use in the costal Russian lighthouses comes to mind… I’ll have to find a video for it later. lol…

Wiki article on them non-political: Beta-M - Wikipedia.

They would probably fit in perfectly in the game though…

I would love to finally make my triple engine dragster. Then I would just need them to add a working parachute module to slow down extra quick.

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