Tachi: The Hover Killer

Now we finally have a weapon with a well made ramp and vertically mounted Tachi’s… drive under a hover and wait for the exact moment then… WHAM! Hover knocked out of the air by stripping its frames!
Hovers days of dominance are over.

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So whatsvthebplan for the other 3 to 7 of his teammates? Its PS on a light build is ironically gonna keep it out of hover territory in PvP, and in CWs, its gonna be a gimmick

It’s a funny idea. :slightly_smiling_face: But who’s going to build for that? I mean, for daily driving. For 2+ years, I drove cars that could do something similar, plus some range.

With a little more range when needed…

More range


Or even more range… :wink:

Even more range



except this weapons damage sucks ass and has nothing going for it lol.
i was testing this and its damage is laughably bad. even with the boost to 120 km/h it still lacks the damage. by the time you get one frame off them your build will be half way dead :rofl:

The secret sauce is called buggy wheels. Theyre meta now, buy them before they raise any higher. Theyre twice the price they were two weeks ago, and once people get done with their sabbath wheel phase, theyll move on to the new best wheel in the game. #FinWhaleBuggyWheelTruther

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You can’t ram, the weapon will suck. You have to do a driveby.

i did do a drive by though. 118 damage when i drove by most of the cars in the garage and even my own build. at max speed it didnt seem to do much either… i mean i was only using the car from the pack as a test run to see how well the weapon would work. it didnt really seem to do all that much. maybe the damage comes from it hitting a bunch of parts on a drive by?
but… it begs the question… how will this even be useful? i mean do people do drive bys in pvp in close range like that risking getting demolished?