Tagging structures

@35291418 Since we seem to kind of waiting on the word about if categories can go in or not. Would it be possible to to use the tagging system the forum has to offer in the mean time. If I read over it correctly there are some bulk move actions that would later make it a lot easier to move tagged topics into categories if we get them. Simple ones like: Market Questions, Raid Question, PVP Question, Build Question… Player Guide, Fan fiction, Build Showcase, Meme’s & Off Topic…

Tagging System:

Just curious really…

I like the interest you show, but it’s not up to me :slight_smile:
Let’s have the categories to start with. And then, maybe ask that later.


So, have they gave you an ETA on when they can put the categories in?

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I’d be happy with either, in either order. I just know it’s a pain in the bumper to sort and move old posts.

where is the “new user tutorial”

I would like to say “Yes” but the reality is “No”.

For the forum ? In your PMs, it’s an interactive one.