Tales of the wastes introduction : backstorys

please read the first one before continueing. anyways

matte : one of the many “treated” ones matte managed to get her memories back and built her own car. she now assists with helping slaves and treated ones escape.

mad maggie : similar to vicky in the blood rocks mad maggie owns her own nameless gang but its a little more organized

wilson : works with matte he loves anything that explodes and has a cocky attitude

harold : just a trucker. he supplies chameleon. wilson. and matte with their supplies but also runs background jobs for mad maggie and other people but not slavers.

chameleon : chameleon works with matte and loves to fly. his bright blue helicopter blends in well with the skies. loves he sleep.

[character submitted by kaifire7967]

kai : past : when kai was 7 his family mysteriously disappeared leaving him to fend for himself, but with his small knowledge of engineering he customized his old dune buggy to make his first car. After he turned 9 he was used to going solo and assasinating weaker and less powerful enemies to raid their hut and take only the bear neccecitys. But one day he was sitting and tending to his fire when one of davisions gang members ran into kai, but instead of fighting him he saw the potiential he had and offered him to join davisions gang. when kai joined the gang, they had all the scrap he could have ever dreamed of, he then sat for days customizing his car to finally become [car one. also known as the older past one.
image ]. after weeks of working for davision and doing some of the hardest misions, he became sick, but davision didnt care, he sent him on the hardest mission yet, but kai passed out while driving to his enemies camp. when he awoke he found himself in a cell, then he read the sign that said, “slaves” he immediately knew what was happening, now that he was 13 and he had failed a mission he was going to become a slave. In a quick second a wall bursted open as a black car [wilson] a helicopter [chameleon] and a purple car [matte] drove in. matte unlocked all the cage’s and let them all free. after fleeing kai came across mad maggies gang. but instead of killing him. mad maggie heard of kais skill. so she recruited him and gave him a new car [past near present]. until he turned 14 where he was kicked out of the gang. 16 now skilled enough to take down the most powerful of leaders. Unknowingly he ran into chameleon and matte was badly damaged so he drove chameleon back to matte’s base located near smallforge. once he let chameleon down and unhooked his car he saw how much scrap they had and he begged to join but wilson jokingly said that he would have to defeat davision himself to join. this was no joke to kai who took upon himself to take davision down. once he did matte, wilson, and chamelon where in shock confused on how such a young boy could defeat their greatest enemy in one day. they gratefully accepted him and let him use all the scrap he wanted thus leading to the creation of his [present] car now kai works with chameleon. matte. and wilson

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Fragile’s been gone 57 days. Another player gone. So much for backstories. Keep selling snowball cannons, Gaijin. :disappointed_relieved:

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I’ve been losing my plows a lot, now i know why, a bumper had 139 durability now has 67.
the problem isn’t snowball cannons but this crazy changes they have been doing.

i’m not happy