Tank track perk idea: Blocks Penetration

This would make tank tracks viable as right now their slow movement speed combined with pen builds being rather common on higher PS means they are just not worth it. having them block penetration of shots would make up for it.

Though to balance it I would make it so that hovers do not function on builds with anything other than light tracks.

To continue this line of thoughts I would demote light and hardened tracks to special tier and not give them the blocks penetration perk.

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I might use them more if this were implemented. I have all the tracks except for the Armored ones. I almost never use them.

The only movement part that hovers work with right now is legs so you don’t really have to worry about that.

They sure were pretty hilarious with the copter blades.

Still had to put it in writing or else someone would complain that “hovers would just use them as armor.”

Someone who likely would forget that means the hover would be reduced to damn near nothing on speed.

In the Stream this morning, they showed one of the tracks now has mounting points on the outside of the tracks as well.