Temporary brawl “air battle”

Hello, survivors!

Throughout the month, on weekends (including Fridays), you will have access to a special brawl “Air battle”.

  • The main feature of “Air battle” is the ability to return to the battle after the vehicle on which you started the battle has been destroyed.
  • Before the start of the battle, you have the ability to choose between an armoured car and an armoured aircraft from your slots.
  • If your armoured vehicle or armoured aircraft is destroyed, you can choose either an armoured car or armoured aircraft and return to the battle.
  • As a reward, players receive the resource “Wires”.
  • Important! To participate in the brawl, the difference in Power Score between an armoured car and an armoured aircraft in your slots should not exceed 500!

Share your impressions and achievements with us in the comments. Good luck in battles!

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Was looking forward to a slaughter mode for the helis.

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I don’t know why no one likes slaughter. You get to respawn over and over so your in the action all the time.

I really like them normally. The thing that sucks about this one is I don’t have two that match up in that PS range. It’s a nice idea but they might have wanted to make the gap a little larger. I guess I don’t get to play the mode for now.

Air Battle turned out to be unpopular, except among Russian 4-player teams farming wires. :upside_down_face: :hammer: :fire: