* Temporary issues with missing coins or parts 📢

Temporary issues with missing coins or parts


As the update has been released, some players may have experienced items missing from the storage or the amount of coins on account being incorrect. We are aware of the situation and are working on a fix.

Thank you for your patience!

“We took them as market fees because we lost so much coin during the less market fees event”
“Buy more crosscrowns”

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i’m blocked to use market, item putted yesterday is on market normaly but now after download this last update i can put any new item in market for sell it.
i’m not banned or other.
i havent recived any message in email or account.
is something done for fix this problem of missing item or is a bug of my account ?

some of my freind casn put item in marked and not recive any message.

any suggestion ?

It’s a known issue and we are working on it.
Thank you for your patience

Are you all still working on this issue? I bought a few packs and I’m missing a bunch of items…

I opened a ticket with CS.

They still haven’t solved this?
Luckily it did not happen to me, but if it did that would be the point for me to just stop playing the game all together

What items? Is it armor?

If it is armor - you can’t get that a second time even if you buy a pack.

I’m not getting any compensation, sadly.

What did you lose?

It’s all back, but I’m still missing a few days of markets and moods,I thought there would be compensation for premium accounts

It’s awesome you got your stuff back. I’m not sure they really owe anyone beyond that.

Armor, Frames, Bumpers, a couple weapons , couple cabs and modules.

Also, if that is indeed the case with the armor, then that’s some BS. Nowhere is that stated by Gaijin which, we should be able to receive a partial pack cost refund .