Tesla Coil/Ball

We need something that can be left/fired/projected that can area deny explosives. (I.e. porc spam could be stopped by this device or deny lanes; would do damage to anything enemy related in its area of effect)

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Spark will already do that but it has bad range. Porc spam if you know where it’s coming from can be stopped just by shooting it though via any weapon. It becomes destroyable soon after leaving the launcher.

Does jobukko do this?

While Sparks and Flashes are good for porcs and other explosives… it isn’t a hard counter to the spam, since you have to get so close to the projectile. Something with more AOE will allow for more strategic use of the maps and allow greater lane control.

Jubokku does not

Maybe it should? It doesn’t currently perform at the level it should.

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MG you just move the crosshairs back and forth but your not hitting anything other then the projectiles at that point. It places you at stalemate rather than hard counter that you can attack from.

Maybe they should make Jubokku and the other string mine attack passing projectiles if in a speed threshold range. Like a missile might go past but a rolling tire or barrel might not. If they dmg each other that would be a hard negation counter.