Test Server Idea (movement part speed)

Id like to see what this game would be like with no speed cap. A kronos with a fused finwhale and phobos on sabbaths probably hits 155kph. Basically light cabs would get uncapped, but to balance it, id like to add +5kph to all other movement parts. Not really a refined idea by any means, but there could be some exciting gameplay untapped by vehicles doing north of a pathetic 60 mph :expressionless:


yes my build with no speed limit = missile :joy: :joy:

My Kronos and Finwhale are both fused for speed. This is the kind of thing I want just for fun.

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naw everyone wants to see a massive 14 track tank go like a missile :rofl: :rofl:

Tracks would still have a hard cap on speed. Wheels don’t. They’d just go 65, 70 at best. So yes, fast, but you can already achieve that with damaged tank tracks (it’s their perk)

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yea but he said no speed cap, meaning unlimited speed

Read this carefully.

I would love this, if the game engine can handle it.

why uncapped for light builds, oh ya cuz thats 99% of players lol theirs to scared of heavy builds thats why they run

I have suggested this many times, but I have been told that it is impossible

but I suggest reducing the maximum speed for all cabins and running gear, so that it would be more difficult to reach the limit of 120 km per hour

Light cabins can hit 120, mediums and heavies cant. Youre suggesting making it some light cavs cant hit 120? Wtf would the point be to use light cabins? I dont get it. The only way slowing this game’s movment down makes sense is if youre not very good at hitting fast targets. Id recommend World of Tanks if slow bulky slabs of armor are your thing.