Test Server Video..(Must Watch). by JBRider


Very good video.

Thank you.

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Thanks for posting!

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The best part is when the bridge was destroyed, yes I am a simple man who likes London Bridge falling down!


thats… going to be a huge issue for me on hovers… i have an incinerator build on a hover and its frontal. i have my weight at the very front of the build to tilt it downwards so i can better aim my incinerators but a change like this could very much ruin that build for me. the thing is i really like running that build to. its a fun little build to take into pve and burn up a few bots with it. im a bit sad that they would make such a drastic change to them. i really hope this isnt implemented into the game. they really need to stop crapping on hovers so much. they ARE fun to use on builds. i can understand them wanting to make sideways hovers not usable anymore but theres better ways to go about it then nerfing them into the ground for everyone.

people need to stop hating on hovers so much. its just about getting that balance with them. even raising their powerscore could help if anything.

Cool post.

I have to say that the issue he speaks to and demonstrates at 5:50 could have been remedied by simply toggling the rear view feature (pressing “T” or “R”, I can’t remember). It immediately reverses the camera view. I thought it would be handy for when dogs are chasing my Cannon-Rod. It’ll rotate my view and cannons to the rear as I continue to drive forward, knocking the wheels out from under tail-gators as I flee (lure). That quick tip would have solved his particular issue immediately.

Also, on PC you can “mouse look” simply by pressing “Alt,” and this allows you to look about without the cannons following the camera. It’s hardly an issue on PC.

The wheel changes combined with the chassis rock aren’t just “OK,” they’re much better, and improve immersion considerably, as well as extending more functional build options from tractors to drift cars. I don’t think (judging from the video) that he explored that feature very deeply.

He did demonstrate how easy it is to strafe and keep your target in the cross-hairs, with Hovers in particular, under the new parameters. That ability to circle an enemy and never turn your back on him is going to be handy for hover players, I think. Maybe too handy, IDK. We’ll see. I don’t know if Augers can manage that maneuver well, but my ML-200s sure did.

Because of that feature I don’t much see the relevance of mounting Turreted Cannons on this type of movement part any longer because you just don’t need it. This will free up 2 energy points* from builds by switching to limited angle cannons (it’s all you’ll need), and heavy-cab builds on these platforms should benefit from that considerably, I would think.

*Supposing you were formerly using two turreted cannons before.


That’s a good point about how heavy builds can take advantage of this.
This update has so many things I’ve wanted: tire spin! Better explosions! Wreckage remaining on the battlefield! Destructible large objects! Headlights actually emit light! Strafing controls that won’t hurt my hands so much!
Edit: climbing spiders! Pushing spiders! Heavy augers do more damage! Omniwheels and augers no longer lose speed when adding strafe!


Wait, wha? How did I miss that?

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I’m assuming the lighting change should allow that, but maybe I’m too optimistic.
They definitely look better in the videos I’ve seen so far.

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I didn’t notice any headlights casting beams, but I’m looking forward to it, and I’ve always enjoyed your optimism. With this new engine, it seems more likely it could happen though. It does seem logical that it should sooner or later.

I’ve been more of a wheel guy since I started, but I was just learning to love legs, and this update gives ML-200’s some love they really needed, IMO. I’m glad I bought a set.

I hadn’t tried climbing all over stuff with them, but after watching that video, I really wish I did…I miss the Test Server already. Obviously, I’m looking forward to this update. It’s like Crossout-Reborn. I personally think it’s better in nearly every way, and they’re just getting started with this new engine.

I’m glad hovers are craftable because, despite all the critisim, I think they are going to go up in demand, rather than die, because they are so comfortable to use under the new engine. It will help stabilize the market price regardless of which way it goes, I reckon. It’s a lot different from before, but it’s certainly not more difficult. I didn’t think so, anyway.

Being a wheel guy at heart though, I’m probably more into the wheel improvments. I think I’m appreciating them more, because I love rusty old hot-rods, muscle cars, and old trucks, so anything that makes that more real plays to my heart more, I suppose.

Of course there’s audio that goes along with all that too. It’s all heaps cooler, IMO…mostly. Some of the screen notification splashing across your view during combat aren’t really necessary.

Also, if you do get motion sick…

I hope they allow us to turn that motion blur down (I expect they will). I won’t be turning down though. I love it, but I can see how it might make somebody a little dizzy

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5:50 high-lights my biggest issue with the camera-look change. Dumbing down your options, lowering the skill ceiling. A veteran player no longer will be able to utilize more advanced tactics in battle that a noobie wouldn’t even think about, because the game mechanics simply won’t let them.

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Hey, @MudnBeer , You beat me to the punch .

It’s incredible the amount of noise this hovers users are making over the new changes, i saw this video earlier.
I was getting somewhat nervous because in the forum the major focus it’s been on hovers, and what about other parts? The ones i’m using and the ones i’m planning to use?
I think this video answer a lot of questions to people in the same situation as i.


I’m not that certain.

those effects may be cool at first, but will they became tiring in the long run? when the novelty wears off?

Sure i’m not expecting seeing much with my heavy builds, but what about my drone build or other lighter builds?
Can you share how fast you were going in this screenshot?

Probably about 90 kph

Can agree with every word. Unless…
Camera toggle button sounds like a must at first, but when you think about it - should weapon follow your aim in this toggle?
Yes? Then it’s fixing nothing and sideways builds will just hold that button forever and play as they did.
No? Then there is not so much use from it and every time it will give you disappointed feel of “why can’t I have my weapons follow cam when I look”.
No easy choice. I would just leave things as they are and allow 90 turned placement of hovers with option of that mouse look driving, and balance things from there.
Low PS narrow hovers are fixed by adding them instability, that’s enough imo.
But there are still benefits from building sideways things, especially slow ones, using tracks as armor - but that brings THE question of why at all tracks and other moving parts are the toughest parts and other parts are… 132 hp max? Unless it is bumper. The game has so much to go in rebalancing.

Am I wrong, or is there a way to aim sideways using the former strafe controls? One of the videos posted had someone showing how to do it.

It sounded awkward, but there also aren’t that many situations where you need to aim sideways on strafing builds.

It’s about the ability to use old sideways builds. Maybe it’s possible to fly/drive them, and even shoot, but the fact that your cab will try to face frontally where you look at any chance while you have side mounted weapons gotta be inconvenient, idk.

There’s a key for hold weapons rotation they might have been using that. (Alt button on PC)

But they managed to shoot sideways, using some combination of controls.
The notes say something about the old strafe controls partially rotating the build, which is what I think they might have been doing.

Well I can say I like what they’ve done with legs and climbing. Very cool. Omnis also just from watching that’s small clip of them, I can tell move so much better. It might even be kind of op. For me it will be at least when I use them.

Still hate that I’ll have to use a forced control setup for multidirectional parts. Luckily for me I’ve been playing mostly just tracks and wheels lately and have left multidirectional parts on the shelf for now. So as long as that forced Controls setup only applies to omnidirectional parts I won’t be so ticked off. Still not great though.