Test servers

How can I get rid of Test Server, I mean I turn them on one day and I dont know how to turn them off

Did you install it into a secondary file location like they suggest?

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No I didnt

So you have to reinstall the base game then. If you had installed it to a second location you’d have two launchers to jump between them, though you normally have to create a new desktop shortcut.

I kind of remember there being another way to fix it but that info was left on the old forum unfortunately, and I can’t remember the details of it.

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How to do it then: I mean how to reinstall base game then

Just uninstall it and re-download it from where-ever you got it the first time. stand alone or steam and install it.

Next time you want to do the test server you’ll have to reinstall that too but make sure you give it a different file path name folder then just “crossout”. They suggest making it “crossout test”

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Ok thank you very much, have a great day/night