Testing Range

It appeared again. For some reason it now goes at GMT 0900. But why is it “Testing Range” when you fight in Squad battle (storm)?

They aren’t doing it right.

I tried it today and its ok, its a pvp mode playing 3 teams vs each other, actually I got 40 scrap for a win :slight_smile:

3 teams with 3 players and theres a closing storm circle which force you to change your position like in battle royale.

Leaving aside the moment with 3 FFA event that incurred many complaints before, I was wondering why would they name it “testing”? Is it because they test the limits of players’ patience? :crazy_face:

I actually tried three-sided chess. It’s the same. Everyone waits for other two to exhaust themselves and then come and reap the spoils.

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I have no idea why they name it like that but does it matter? Ppl was asking for more content and they get what they asked for.

Yes and this is exactly what we did :slight_smile:

Indeed, that is the best strategy when playing 3 FFA

I think it doesn’t matter much, for majority. That’s my personal quibble. I like not only literate writing but also meaningful naming and… you know, all that jazz.

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this was an event not long ago,but we had to cap one cap with no storm…
so they are trying something new,thats all’.

this belongs in a brawl not pvp…and leave it,only 1 human to each team…makes it faster and funner…

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