Thank you dev team: New hover height and porcs

I’m known on Xbox for playing a bigram quad porc build in PvP.

Even when bigrams are not as good I still play them and mess people up with a very hyper aggressive play style.

Well… I only had a chance to play 5-6 games so far since all the changes.

Is it just me? Or is hitting hovers with porcs much easier now? They seem to be getting wrecked hard even from a good distance and I can play a less aggressive play style and stay back more.


I laid out a few hovers this morning in Levi wars with Porcs and Firebugs. The ride height makes a huge difference.

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Reading patch notes is YUGE.

This is a game changer for sure.

Seems more fair.

I just checked in my garage.
yes, seems more fair now but at what price?

Riding lower makes hovers more susceptible to damage, i’ll go a bit further and say they look rammable now without any kind of hears and you most probably will sit higher with legs than with hovers.
Still hovers will be hovers.

Until they change the responsive capabilities (i’m not talking about acceleration) and their perk or they change all the other movement parts. we will be at the same spot.

They are what they are cause they ignore the surface on which they are moving while everyone else has a much jerkier and sluggish ride. Until they level up this factors between all movements parts, Hovers can scrap the surface and we will be talking about how hovers are OP.

Hovers day in the sun is setting. Omnis are about to be the big dog. Spiders as well.



Our rush crew sunsetted plenty of hovers this morning and we don’t even have new engines yet.