Thank you Developer's & game publisher!

First of all, I want to thank the Developers for implementing helicopter blades into the game! Especially with separate game modes. Separate game modes keep any “haters” at bay unlike the eternal Foley of the anti hover clients. Might I request, My only request would be to PLEASE allow them in the Awakening mode if possible ! I don’t see any harm in the addition. Again, A BIG Thank you very much to the developer’s and publishers for the implementation of the helicopter components! Kudos~


Keeps the haters off the game more like



I am also really enjoying the mixed battles, but I worry that we don’t have a big enough playerbase for the two modes.
What would make me even happier is if the mixed battles also allowed for one leviathan per team. Would make things really interesting, IMO.

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Good point, Never occurred to me about having a leviathan on each team. :thinking: Interesting.

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Personally as the world economy tanks and people have less to spend . I believe more people will migrate back into online gaming. Especially the F2P options. Of course the cliché “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” applies. Meaning, Providing items in game for “free” or at a reduced cost. Baiting the fishing hole so to speak :wink:

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Oh of course, the increasing wealth gap in modern societies tends to push away any middle ground in terms of products… either you get super cheap or super expensive… so f2p games are where it’s at right now


Yes. Very this. I like the copters…in it’s own separate way, as you suggest, and I think they could really shine in Adventure mode, but they need to update that place, expand it, and add more interesting spawn points.

I might do raids again if they let us bring copters in there too, but again; more map.

I’d be real happy if they stopped introducing game breaking features into this game for a year, and just updated all the lost and forgotten features this game is suffering for…besides more copters and clan wars updates. Back off all the events and multi-passes, new guns. Just update the things we already have, like crafting, co-drivers, wheels, Arothron, maybe a new white cab or gun (pew-pew?), and I’ve all but forgotten about tracks myself…The Engineers don’t even produce and Engine. WTF?

Ya, that chart is startling. I realize it doesn’t tell the whole story, but I’d be concerned if I was Targem.

Folk Hero isn’t going to save anybody’s ass, but if they are using that game as a tutorial for their freshmen developers, then I’m rooting for them…It looks like an Atari game. IDK how that’s acceptable in this day and age, but I didn’t understand Mine Craft either. My son loved it. I don’t get it. Whatever.

Anyway, ya…those numbers. Yikes. I hope they don’t panic and eat the babies.

Oh, ya…since this is a “thank You” thread, I’ll just say I love the new Manitou. Gorgeous cab.

So thanks, devs.