Thank You For Killing Diversity & Creativity 👍

I See Always Only Those ,Vehicles" :yawning_face:Thank You For This Limitation :clap::clap::clap:I/We Others Feel Us Always Like Trash or Just Cannon Fodder :rofl:

Long Live Monotony!

Tusk Cabine & 4 Big Foots
Crossout Screenshot 2023.06.21 -

4 Omni Wheels & Cannons
Crossout Screenshot 2023.06.21 -

2 MeatGrinders & Bastion Cabine
Crossout Screenshot 2023.06.21 -

3 or 4 Icarus & Long Distance Weapons
Crossout Screenshot 2023.06.21 -


Play other PS ranges. I rarely see any of those builds.
Every PS range has a handful of builds that perform extra well in that particular range. Change range and you’ll see other combos.

Can’t Play Higher Right Now :laughing: Farming Lower is Not Possible… I Get Scrap From Buying It, Instead of Getting It :neutral_face:

Tell me how many ps they happen in and I’ll check it out

Not Sure, 5000-7000 PS


I went to play a few games, 3 avenger cannon near 4.5kps, there are not many avengers here, the most people are m37 submachine guns, there are also a lot of play other weapons, as for the other three, they are near 6kps, the median I saw in the daytime battle, they are not so strong after getting nerf, and tusks and goblins are more difficult to deal with especially the meat grinder goblins, but Still a lot of people are still playing with other weapons

Maybe Because They Must Play With It :tipping_hand_man:

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What do you mean you aren’t getting any scrap from playing? Do you mean you aren’t even scoring 40 points in your matches?

I Quit Always When I Die :rofl: Just Wasting Of Time… and No Oil For That. It’s Just Pure Luck If I Kill AnyThing :laughing: I’m Satisfied When I Destroy One Meat Grinder :kissing:

There’s your problem right there.
First of all, you shouldn’t be relying on winning fuel to grind. Include a tank or two on your build if you feel like it, but that shouldn’t be where you focus your grind. And if you’re dying early all the time, the fuel tanks are likely part of the reason why.
Better to finish your matches and focus on challenges. Even if you die, collect those resources, as there’s not a big difference if you win or lose. Over time, that scrap builds up.

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No, Fuel Tank is Well Hidden. I Just Hide Now Behind Other Cowards and Us Them As Shields :blush:

Meat shields are a great tactic! No shame in that.
Regardless, unless you have tons of resources and gear, I would advise against quitting matches, unless you’ve died before doing any damage.

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That’s The Point… I Do Most Damage On Field :grin: If Not, We Just Lose Guaranteed :ok_hand:

You said earlier you’re not even getting scrap from battles, because you’re quitting as soon as you die. And that you can’t play other PS ranges because you don’t have the gear.
So if you’re scoring the most in every match, why are you quitting before getting rewards?

Not Scoring :point_up: The Score Don’t Show/Include Made Damage, Sadly

Average Alive Game :kissing: 29 Scrap Only! For This :expressionless:5 Scrap When UnFinished

I was ready to fire off some replies, but most of what I had @130898924 nailed perfectly. Good advice.

Don’t ditch battles because you die. The difference between what you get if you win & lose isn’t huge. Ditching a losing match & attempting a 2nd one isn’t going to net you more rewards in the long run.

As for farming… Do the challenges. Complete all of them you can complete reliably. If you have a friend who will do harder raids with you, group up & complete those, too.

Do the 20 side missions.
When you’re where you are in the game 100 engineer badges is a pretty big deal. While you’re doing the 20, be sure to pick up any trash or other resources you run across. The badges + the resources add up, and it’s a very arcade-like gaming experience. I still keep a build in my storage just for these. It’s unarmored, unarmed, and built exclusively for speed & stability.


But Still I Don’t Wait For One Noob Who Wont’s Suicide :smirk:

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Your choice, and I get it…

I quit focusing on the “goals” of the game and started focusing on having more fun a while back. So, what I posted above is specifically if you’re concerned with resources.

Me? I’m interested in having fun
I often have fun by being silly… even IRL, if I can make someone else laugh, I’m having a good time.

Thus, my favorite PVP build in my rotation is this ridiculous thing. It looks better in action with the legs pulling his butt on the ground. It’s fully functional with quad-pyres on separate triggers. I’m not saying it’s GOOD, but it works. I’ve gotten MVP with it… in Patrol, but that counts, right? :rofl: :melting_face: :clown_face: :poop:



I Hope You Kill SomeThing with That :rofl:

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Ya, me too. PVP is not as much fun as it used to be.

I have to say though, you picked some really nice looking examples of what’s trending at 7K. That is indeed mostly what I see there.

Here’s what I do when I want to win, and I want the resources, but I’m out gunned; I find my team’s badass (if there is one) and watch his six. If I can make sure the rush doesn’t clobber that badass, and you can be sure they will come looking for him, we win. The longer he survives the better my team does. I pick up a few kills myself that way, but the objective is to make sure the hot-shot keeps making those hot shots. Team work. It’s not about you. It’s about the team winning.

Usually that Hot-Shot is on hovers (just sayin’), so he’s easy to identify, track, and follow, but he’s fragile and needs the protection. If you can give him that protection, keep the dogs off him, often he’ll kill anything he wants. Help him do that and your team will win, and maximum rewards can be gleaned for everybody.

A smart enemy will target your team’s Hot-shot (if you have one). Make sure they can’t get to him. Don’t go chasing your own personal glory.

I know it doesn’t always work out that way, and random “teams” in PVP can be a real bitch, but I’ll swear by team work. Watch each other’s backs.