Thank you!

I login as I do daily and I get hit with a version of one of the greatest game ever created in the history of gaming and I was able to play the first one as a child and this just brought back so much memories that if I was Elon Musk I would invest whatever is necessary to this company to make twisted metal part of Crossout. like literally legit buy twisted metal franchise and added to crossout. I don’t see any other gaming developer company able to bring back to life the twisted metal Game other than you guys again and again and again you guys keep making me happy. Thank you. I swear is a shame. I don’t have a twitch or anything cuz I would be preaching this game. I don’t care. This game is amazing. Never gets old. It keeps getting fresh and now bringing back good nostalgia you guys are amazing. I love you guys




are you sarcastically asking or asking whether he was being sarcastic?

either way, i kind of agree.

@Don_Cofresi gotta say don, the idea with musk saving targem is one of the less insane crazy ideas ive heard around here.

he loves russia, so a big plus there. i havent heard from him in a while, so i bet hes hungry for some scandal. we can lure him by telling him its all like mad max, and real men, strong men, big muscles you know, tight robes, very manly… anyways, we can tell him he gets to cos play as one of those and how everybody will say how cool he looks. you know, for promoting his targem investment.


No sarcastic I am not being sarcastic. I’ve been playing this game for many, many years so much that I even took a year break and I came back and I’m having the time of my life. So no, no sarcasm at all. I love this game and if I had the capital I will invest in this game. And hey maybe we can get Musk involved if you think about it gaming. It’s only going up. The digital world is only going up and the video game is something safe and wholesome. And entertaining. I believe he’s a very positive man and I don’t see why he would say no other than if he would lose money. That’s something Dad Target and him would have to talk but I swear a couple of seasons back. I don’t know if they actually put something related to Elon Musk but obviously they can’t put the real name. But you, if you know you know and the idea of a big investment for Target for them to buy the rides for twisted metal. I think it’ll turn cross out into the next call of duty or the next Destiny. 2. There’s thousands of games around yet none of them as unique as crossout or twisted metal. So there you go an investment like this is a no-brainer. I think it’ll do good but no man I was not being sarcastic. I love this game. Been playing it. I got my son into it too. Pretty much everyone I know. I tell them Hey! have you played crossout yet?:joy::joy::joy::joy: