That chart is weird

Where are the players from, that there are already 6300 people or bots every morning at 5:00 a.m. European time for several months?

You do realize people in other places do play the game late night in other timezones right?

Yes, I realize, I’m just amazed by the number ± 6200 somehow small :sob: :rofl:

Use Firefox bro, Google are gonna be hating on adblocks soon I thought…

You think? They could easily removed it from extension store. I believe they want such option to exists, might even ordered it’s creation. Like some viewers dumb enough should watch adverts and stuff. Some will be happy and proud to buy YT premium. Other have no advert for free - everybody’s happy :grin: and they got both advert and subscription selling win-win
It’s like they removed dislike count, and next day extension rolls out to fix it for those upset with that. Of course I’m not sure they do extensions themselves, but I obviously see they do very little to counter them, which they easily could but don’t.

It wouldn’t be surprise… a company that’s entire existence and revenue is based upon ad revenue

XO cant be compared to WOWS not in 1%, WOWS knows how to make players happy, XO makes you only angry :crazy_face:

In WOWS you can spend money but dont have to, in XO you must do it otherwise you’ll be in big disadvantage vs others.


I thought the WoW subscription sales (player base) had receded by about 50% over the last expansion? (Public companies must disclose information). This isn’t exactly an indicator WOW knows how to make people happy. Keep in mind the Executives are the ones also responsible for the D4 fiasco.

I would agree with this for anyone that doesn’t already have gear.

I will tell you that I have never spent real money on WOWS game and yet I have a lot of premium stuff that I got for free.

And Im rly happy how they treat players :slight_smile:

In one week I got over 2 months premium acc, 6 or 7 premium ships and 1500 doublons all for free.

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Today I got 15 days bonus and 8 tier Battleship in wows

oops, apologies, I was thinking of the wrong wow game… it just clicked on the S… disregard my post.

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I used to play World of Tanks before Crossout… I wonder if it’s still alright

same. I played from launch till a bit after Japan was introduced. No idea how many lines they have now.

I wish I could bring my stuff to PC, I’d play there instead… so much more stuff on there it makes me not want to try on Xbox again… I had most tier 10 artillery, a couple lights and close to some mediums.

I literally stopped 2017 when we found Crossout, I remember getting the “new” french Arty and BC light autoloaders… those things slapped so hard.

I heard that your co driver stuff got changed? I had like 17 perks in my T92 arty so I hope it’s nothing too crazy.

I may redownload and have a look, I did that once throughout Crossouts lifetime and they made it hard for us Arty guys, naturally… I don’t blame them


Mine is a PC account. I had all american lines opened and I think up to tier9 russian. Maybe 1-5 Japan line maybe I just remember I was doing that next idk.

I am sure after these years, it’s a different game than I played.

Yeah I bet, I only had 1 friend up in the top tiers with me, I’d run Arty/Light and they’d run Heavy/TD… they were all about the US 138 TD, the “Death star” one that just did insane damage.

I’ll see how other games pan out, I’m still deep into Exoprimal


oh TD’s… oh my. I forgot about them, crawling along in an T95 lol.

The slug haha

Unfortunately, I have no idea what World of Tanks is like. So just take a look at youtube

You don’t even want to try it. It’s way more P2W than XO. Including premium p2w ammo. (you don’t NEED premium ammo, just need to hit the right spots. But yeah, premium ammo with more penetration.

That business model should scare you away.