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so… i went into invisibility to get this bot to stop targeting me, well the bot stayed locked onto me even when i was in invisibility. as soon as i came back out he started shooting at me again. when i was invisible the bot wouldnt shoot at me but kept the target lock on me, as soon as i came out of invisibility he immediately started shooting me again… what the actual hell?
and no i was not near him at all. there were 4 or 5 of my team mates near him when i went invisible. this is a first for me, i was in invisibility for at least 5 - 6 seconds because of the smaller chameleon module i was using. has… anyone else come across this before?
and before you ask im using an incinerator so my tactic is to hit and turn invisible when someone starts targeting me.

(also SCREW the bots that ALWAYS target me with crossbows!!! seriously why is it that the crossbow bots ALWAYS TARGET ME instead of other people!? it doesnt matter what vehicle i use, what weapons i use, how far away i am or how many team mates are nearby an enemy, i ALWAYS get hit with crossbow bolts anytime one of those bots even sees a bolt of me sticking out.)
i feel the devs are out to get me … :unamused:

Yes pve robot and pvp in different, pve robot as long as you do damage to it he will always set you as the target, whether you are invisible or not, has been changed for a long time

that’s not new. been this way (on pc) for a long time now. Seems like the only way to get a bot off you now is to peel them off onto a teammate, which I think is the worst. So if we have bots on our side, i try to lure enemy bots to them rather than the humans.


Since the update, I’ve abandoned my aggressive playstyle and learned to stay rearwards, letting my team take the initial brunt of the attack. And when my build is 9k and the bots are 14K+, bail out before it even starts. :frowning:

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