The 5 free vehicle packs

Just putting these links here as another hub for the promo packs
(easier to copypaste one forum link to general chat)

Log in to your active account before redeeming these

Get Morgenshtern and Marmok:

Get Kuplinov:


Get Adventure Seeker:

Use code PIKABU2022:


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New, 6th Free Vehicle Pack!


I clicked it and got…nothing. Existing players would receive “big bird”, but we already got that with the copter update, so I got…nothing.

none of these work for steam users :frowning: pretty unfair, and guarentees that i wont spend a dime on this game if steam players get screwed like this lol

I have a guy in the clan who’s a steam user, after he linked his email address to the game, he was able to get the free packs and buy stuff, and be gifted stuff.