The absolute fastest way to grind out weekly BP challenges

Judging from past trends the most common challenges ever since they introduced armored aircraft mode are air battle/rotor challenges, auto cannon challenges, and machine gun challenges. Sometimes they have an off challenge where it requires something like a cannon thrown in the mix but the majority will be the 3 that i mentioned. I grinded out my weekly challenges today in 7 short battles which factoring in queue times took me about 15 minutes to do with my SkyNinja which is a super effective rotor build i made a long time ago with the caucus and cyclone so I’m effectively killing 3 or 4 birds with one stone. So if you want a build that can grind these challenges out in no time then make a build that has a rotor, a mg and a auto cannon. I did them that quick that i even had all the weeklies done before the daily lol.

I just load a regular build in my heli spot with the needed weapons etc, i put a rotor on a rift and go into patrol.

Today they had a mg challenge and a auto cannon so having both of those 2 weapon types on the same build is crucial for getting the challenge done asap. The caucus also mixes and matches with other autocannons pretty nicely as well.

Yeah just put both on, I know it took me like 5 patrol matches or so… just put a chord on with some AC’s etc…

I use the exact same build for everything. just change the weapons. I don’t worry about changing rads or putting on ammo packs etc. Too much to be bothered with.

Then I go to patrol and finish most everything in 5 matches.


common sense, do easy raids and patrol. fast badges do easy raids everything else patrol

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You can play patrol too I guess but I don’t like patrol. There be’s enough bots in regular air battles and half of the players i encounter in air battles on pc are easier than actually playing against bots. Yesterday i encountered a player using Yaoguais in air mode, I don’t think he even scored in the double digits.