The Australia region servers not working

Australia region servers not working

Since the recent hacking of your servers, the Australia servers have been offline.

About two weeks ago anyone locked to Australia was redirected to other servers with much higher lag.

There has been no notice or news items about this and it is causing many people to stop playing & spending.

Please confirm what the issue is and when it will be fixed

only hint i got for you is that the NA servers went down for about 2 months but, when they came back up, things were a bit smoother. That’s all i got for ya. hang in there.

AS is also
Unlike down, it has been erased as game server
You can check this from Network Check ,AU and AS no longer shown

But, has never seen a noticeable Claim in forum despite the problem of depopulation in these servers and the dispersion of players by many game modes.
One of the reasons for the disappearance of the server was that despite there were many players on these servers, who did nothing about population decline. main reason is devs’s laziness of course