The bargain watch thread

In the interest of making things better for F2P players, I thought it might be useful to have a thread dedicated to pointing out items that are currently priced extremely cheaply on the market.

Yes, some things are cheap because they are hard to use or weak, but there are also a lot of other factors that can cause an item to drop in price.

If you see a bargain, post it here!
Include your platform, as prices can vary greatly across the three platforms.

I’m not online right now, but I know from memory that buggy wheels have been extremely cheap on PS4 for quite a while. For less money than most special wheels, you can get some lightweight low power drain epic wheels that buff several items (oppressor, seal, lances, some reloading shotguns).
Sure, you could argue that hermits and Bigfoots are more useful, but they’re still a great value at the moment, and would be an improvement over special wheels in most situations.

Anyone spot some other bargains worth pointing out?

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