The “big chase” season has been extended for one week!


Due to recent problems caused by DDoS attacks on our servers, we have decided to extend the current season “Big chase” for one more week. Now the season will last until 23:59 GMT on October 23.

Players who have not reached the maximum level will now have the opportunity to complete the accumulated challenges and receive all of the season’s rewards. We remind you that in order to unlock access to all additional rewards of the season, you must purchase the “Battle pass” or “Elite battle pass” packs, and the “Battle pass level” will allow you to get to the desired reward faster.

Please note that there will be no new weekly challenges during the additional week. The event is extended so that the players can complete the already accumulated tasks and complete the season.

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In short, don’t postpone the follow-up activities

Lol… this sucks

It’s actually 2 weeks with no new challenges, this week and the next week. How fun they decided to do this right before thursday when the new challenges for the official last week of the battlepass would have showed up. Now we have 1 extra week of battle pass and 2 weeks with no new challenges

Can’t wait for something new