The bots

as a 25,000 ps player i have noticed bots in patrol are now scripted to separate team bots and players, with that being said if theirs 2 actual players stick together cause i just finished a battle with a play station player and the bots surrounded me, now if said player stuck with me they wouldnt of been destroyed either, hence why i mainly make fun of the community now a days cause nobody uses their head. like for example enemy has no guns oh ill keep shooting the unarmed bot cause i need kills to boost my ego, sorry to tell ya but even assists counts as a kill

whats stupid is people will let the bot go to the base and actively let the bot capture it which costs us games. literally nobody notices the bots on the base and 95% of the time im the only one going to the base to stop the capture. once someone deguns them the bot runs to the base and the team is like “oh its someone elses problem” or “oh its 2/3 on the base? not my problem!” like… do you want to win or not?
anyways you have a 25k ps vehicle? how the hell do you get it that high? my highest is like… 16k.

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no its because players now a days are very special nd thats why i make fun of the community ever since late 2019 nd why i could careless on what i say even if its gonna offend people cause its only their problem if they get offended, my 25k ps will be at about 28k or 29k when fully done but if it was an all relic build id say maybe 33k ps