The buggy wheels are too heavy!

I love buggy wheels, but their stats make no sense to me.

They should be much lighter than hermits, especially given that they have armour plates.

I appreciate how they polish seals and oppressors, but I don’t like how heavy they are for what they do.


Dont buggy wheels have the best mass to tonnage ratios? That counts for something.

How could they? They’re heavier than Hermits, and with less tonnage.

Best tonnage/mass ST wheels are Claw and Sabbath.

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+1, they could use some weight reduction (and power drain too, mayhaps)

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I think Buggy wheels could use some serious improvements.
When compared to Hermits, Buggy wheels are severely lacking.
Lower mass and lower power drain are obvious.
I feel like the perk would better serve a slower movement part. I imagine only faster vehicles would use buggy wheels,
so the perk wouldn’t be necessary for them.


I use them on fast cars, and the perk helps in keeping my oppressor and/or seal buffs going when I need them most. Oppressor is most needed in close quarters, when you’re unlikely to be operating at full speed, and similarly you really want your seal getting buffed when you aren’t able to get up to top speed.

Yes to both please.

At this point there is no reason to use buggy wheels.

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I knew there was something buggy wheels did best. They have the best mass to durability ratios.


Are you just baked af and trolling us?

he doesnt know how fractions work.

I’m gonna leave these two pictures here.
Hermits have better durability and tonnage in general.
XO 2
XO 1

Ok so hermit has the best ratios of everything if it’s non steering. Hermit op in that sense. But people use very little non st. People use mainly st.

Compared to non hermit parts buggy has the best mass to durability ratio. Isn’t this thread about buggy wheels? If all were doing is comparing it to hermits then this is basically akin to a nerf hermit thread. Bugg wheels have benefits over other parts. They’re very useful.

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Camber wheel: 3 dura/mass
Hermit: 2.818
Buggy Wheel: 2.138
BF: 1.58